My Bucketlist.

Hello everybody and welcome to my special page, "My Bucketlist".

This is my Bucketlist:
  • Skydiving
  • Paintball
  • Diving with fishes
  • Diving in The Netherlands
  • Diving in the Atlantic sea
  • Diving in the Pasific Sea
  • Bungee Jumping
  • Travel to England (again and again and again!)
  • Travel to Croatia
  • Travel to Corsica
  • Travel throught whole the UK
  • Travel to Australia
  • Travel to a Scandinavian Country ( Denmark, Sweden, Finland)
  • Ride a horse in Montana
  • Ride a horse throught the Grand Canyons
  • Participating @ the Colour Run / Electric Run
  • Participating @ the 20 km of Brussels
  • Trying Postcrossing
  • Diving in an ocean/sea
  • Underwater photography
  • Paragliden
  • Kitesurfen
  • Jetski
  • Flyboarden
  • Yoga
  • Being invited to a fashion show
  • Having an Golden Retriever
  • Writing a book
  • Safari
  • Swimming with the dauphins
  • Having my driving licence
  • Being Graduated in University
  • Meet a Youtuber (like Connor Franta, Zoella,..)
  • Going to the last Hunger Games Night (already the last)
  • Going to a Concert of Nicki Minaj
  • Going to a Concert of the Fall Out Boy, A Day to Remember or Three Days Grace
  • Going to a Concert of Muse
.... And many more!

Paintball: 13/09/2014:

So, I went to the Paintball with some friends the 13 septembre. I was really exciting to go there because, I wanted to that once. First all, you have to wear an overall grey/ green. You receive a little explanatio about how you play, how to use your "gun", how to be protected, etc... Than you receive a mask and a gun and you can go to the first hall. I liked playing in that hall because, both two games, I had found a place where nobody can hurt me and I can perfectly shoot everyone who passed. The second hall wasn't one for me. There was literally no place where you can not be hurt. So, first and second game I played not more than 5 minutes... The last game, I had no paintballs anymore so I had to stop.
I found it fun for doing it once but I don't went a second to it. It's too much stress for me !

Travel to an Scandinavian country: Danmark. (Holidays 2015)

This year my parents decided to spend our holidays in the beautiful landscape of Danmark. I've been there when I was younger but that's kind of a lot of years ago. So, we drove till Germany, there we took a boat and drove again till our little camping near Copenhagen. We spend 6 days near Copenhagen and 3 days in Fyona. The first 6 days where really the beautifullest ones: good weather, beautiful landscapes, good times in family. It was the first time I saw landscapes that beautiful. The days in Fyona where also nice, but the weather was really bad... a lot of rain, storm and cold wind. The last day, we found our tent totally riped. Sad end for this beautiful holidays!

Having my driving license: 1/09/2015
Having your driving license is one of the things probably everyone wants. It's the way to freedom, doing things for yourself. Well, I just got mine! After the second time trying (the first time, I was way to stressed, did a lot of mistakes,it was a shame!), I finally got it. I did find it less stressy now I have had that first time and everything went very well (even the parking). Now, I can cruise everywhere on my own !

Diving with Fishes: 18/09/2015
When I was in Corsica, I saw everywhere you could do some diving in the sea, where you could see fishes in the sea. So, it was the holiday I wanted since years so, diving with fishes couldn't not be done. So, the last day that I was in Calvi, I tried for the first time in my life diving in the sea with oxygen bottles. We went to the Revelata, one of the most beautiful places in Corsica to dive. I saw fishes with tiger print, a red starfish,... Now I want to do diving in every country I go!


  1. Leuke bucketlist! Ik wil ze ook bijna allemaal doen :)
    Alleen voor de Golden Retriever moet ik helaas passen (leve mijn allergie).
    Veel succes met het verder voltooien van je lijst!

    (The Yellow Hippo -

    1. Dankje wel! :) Ouh das wel spijtig voor dat allergie maar jaah... er zijn nog zoveel dieren eh!