Monday, 14 December 2015

Back to The City of Dreams!

Hey everyone!

I'm really excited and motivated to study since yesterday evening becauseeeeee yesterday I booked my Thalys, hotel and a musical for LONDON! Finally I'm going back to that city that still have my heart.

The first time I went there was when I was 12 between Christmas and New Year. I went with an organisation, called Topvakantie, and my best friend of then. It was totally magic and I was so in love with that city.

Last time I went to London was 2 years ago with my family after my exams in the summer. It were 3 perfect days! A real dream...

Since then, the only thing I want is going back but never had the chance (nobody wanted, not enough money, not the good time,...). And not so long ago I was talking to a friend who said to me "I want to do a citytrip, I think it would be fun" so then we decided to go to London.
The hardest choice is, I think, still the one of which dates are we going? First we wanted to go 4 days, but my points from my exams those days online and I didn't want to be in London then... So we finally decided to go the 5th of February till the 7th.

Our Hotel is also totally amazing! It's placed near the Tower Bridge, just before the "Girl with a Dolfin" statue and on the back we have a Starbucks, perfect for every morning!

And then, the last thing: I'm going finally to a Musical in London. That's also a thing I really wanted to do and it's one I wanted to see the most: Mamma Mia.

So, I'm going to quit you with this beautiful news, hope you liked. The coming weeks I'm probably posting a little bit more because I'm studying at home for my exams.
( A picture of me taken by my sister in the apartment we were)

Love of Lou!

Monday, 7 December 2015


Hey you!

So, yesterday was the day that most of the Dutch kids wait a whole year : 6th of Decembre when Sinterklaas comes! I realised that it's only a tradition in the Netherlands/Belgium/... and find it very sad that not every kid could have that great day. (For the people who don't know what it is: Sinterklaas is a old man who comes every year to bring every kid a present if they were gentle that year)

This year, like all the years before, I received some presents that I wanna share with you.

The first one is a little bracelet with a bit (for a horse) totally in leather. I was looking for one like this since a while and this one is just so classic and classy, I love it!

The second one is Hollister Jogging in pink. First of all I think what? I don't use that kind of things ... But my mom said "yeah, I thought it was a good idea, now that you'll be studying all day, it's more comfi and still fancy" and indeed! Since yesterday, I don't wear a jean or a legging but that jogging!

The third one is a Cotton Bag from The Brussels Corner. I have done some shootings for The Brussels Corner a while ago, and I really love that one bag! I wanted a cotton bag also so this was the perfect match!

The last one and the best one is... A Pink Fluffy Unicorn CherryStone ! That was also a present I first thought what?! A teddybear ? But then I saw what it was and damn I was immediatly in love with it!

This were my presents for this year, what about you? Do you also celebrate Sinterklaas?

Love of Lou!

Monday, 30 November 2015

Girl online: Hidden behind a Blog.

Hi guys!

As you may maybe know, I'm a great Youtuber & Vlogger fan.They are great inspiration for my Instagram and also the reason why I'm doing this. I love watching them doing stupid things, talking about life & become bigger one by one. This last one is proved by this blogpost: Zoella wrote a book (and since shortly also a second).

I received the book for my birthday from some friends (I swear, still one of the best present ever) and I reread, reread and reread it again!

The book is talking about a girl, Penny, who's holding a blog to share her most shameful, nicest,etc moments. Nobody knows she is the "GirlOnline". After a big misstep (falling in front of a crowd with her underwear showed), her parents decided to celebrate Christmas in New York. Her mother has to organise a wedding there. Penny met a boy, Noah, with who she's immediatly in love with. She describes the whole love story on her blog. But that love story could be the end of her cover on her blog and the end of her closest, dearest friendship.

In the beginning, I had a little bit hard with reading it, I found it very childish and thought "nah, it's gonna be a typical little girl story" but when I start a book, I Always end it. So did I here, and the last 200 pages where read in just an evening... Once she was in New York, it all began to be exciting and interesting. Penny, the funny one, I think most of the people love her because they can recognise them in her (who didn't do a misstep ever in his life he will never forget?) and that is why I found her the perfect GirlOnline. Noah is the perfect bookboy, the one every girl wants to meet. Romantic, surprising,.. Perfect! And then you have Elliott, the best friend of Penny, my favourite personage. He's the one who helped Penny up, a funny one,.. He gives the story those little "extras" why you love it a little bit more.

Did you read it (Girlonline or GirlOnline On tour) ? What's your opinion of it?

Love of Lou!

Monday, 23 November 2015

My Starbucks'mug collection!

Hi guys!

The ones who follow me on Instagram do probably know that I'm in love with mugs from the Starbucks. My dad went to 2 work trips and he Always bringing us back some little souvenirs from the place he went. He also know that it's very hard to make me happy with a typical souvenir and that I'm totally loving Starbucks, he began to bring me back some mugs of it from the places he has been. And I must admit, that's sooooo much better than a typical souvenur!

So this is my tiny little collection, that hopefully will getting bigger:

1. A closed mug from Russia.
This one is probably the one I use the most. He came back with it saying it will be so easy for me to take my coffee with me when I have to leave home early in the morning. First, I thought, yeah for sure, I'm not taking my coffee with me, but when you have to leave home at 6 AM, I found this one a treasure!

It's looking great, I love that typical Russian doll, the colors are also beautiful.It's also closable (a point that you find the advantages once you use this kind of mugs). The only disadvantage of this mug is that it doesn't hold your drink warm.. Really regrettable, otherwise it would have been perfect!

2. A Christmas mug from Berlin.
My favourite one! My dad brought it back from Berlin and I just totallly love it. Even if you can bought it here and stuff. It's making Christmas coming closer...

There is one big disadvantage: the handle is really slim and fragile. I think it's gonna break too early :(

3. The basic Starbucks mug (from Bruges).
This one I didn't receive from my dad but friends of my parents who wanted to thanks my parents (and so also us, my sisters and I), they all give us some presents. Mine was a basic Starbucks mug, the first one ever. I have this one since a year I think, and my parents begin to know I'm really grumpy in the morning if I don't have my coffee in a Starbucks mug.

Q: Do you have a favourite brand of mugs or some Starbucks mug? Let me know!

Love of Lou!



Friday, 20 November 2015

My New Student Life

Hi Guys!

Maybe some of you will know that since Septembre I begin a new chapter of my studentlife: I'm an university student now.
On the end of the 6th grade everybody Always asked me: What do you want to do in life? Do you have made your choice? Are you sure it is the good one? But I was pretty sure of my choice: since 2 years I wanted to study Physiotherapy.

So in the end of Septembre I begin this study in Ghent. I will alwyas remember that first day of university: my lessons began on 1 PM, I thought "Hell yeah, I like that!". But as Always, I wasn't on time. I didn't find a parking for my car on the station, so I missed my train and I would be too late in the introduction part and I had to find my auditory. When I finally arrived there, I didn't find anyone I knew. It was such a terrible, lonely day. I totally didn't want to go back again.

Now, things changed, luckily! I find some people back I know from my previous school, I met some nice people and made some friends. I know where to park my car now and I'm better planned than that first day!
Some days, when my lessons begin at 8 and half AM, I have to wake up at 5 and half AM. Otherdays, I come out of the auditory and it begins already to be dark outside. Other days I do one and a half hour back and one and a half hour forth for just one lesson, that I really cannot miss.
Nevertheless, even if it's hard and I don't know if I'm going to pass, I'm happy with the choice I made and I hope it's going to work.

Q: How was your back to school?

I hope you enjoyed this little post today, that's kind of different of normally, and if I don't post a lot the last time, it is because I have really no time because of school.

Love of Lou!

Monday, 26 October 2015

Travel || Corsica 2015 - Part 3.

Hey you!

Here we are again, beginning with the moment we discoverd Porto Vecchio. It was a beautiful city, I loved it! There was an citadel, who is higher and where you have an incredible view, and there is the port, with all his little restaurants, boats to hire, etc. Just lovely. (We went to this port like 2 times in the evening for an ice cream, I just loved the ambience that it had! ) Just one disadvantage: it was steep everywhere in this city. When you have to walk from one point of the city to another, it's like you have to climb a mountain, haha.

Next day, Boni Facio was on our planning. Seen as one of the biggest tourist cities, we began to visit it. Beautiful, also a little bit higher than the places around it, and with that view.... stunning! But, like a lot of cities in Corsica, there wasn't a lot to visit ...

Our last day in Rondinara we're going to ride till Alta Rocca to visit there a little bit of the villages with there typical Corsican culture. We've even visited a nice museum, who's name I don't know anymore I'm sorry. Big disappointment when we arrived in Sainte-Lucie de Tallano: there was like a lot to visit but everything was closed in Septembre :( Then we wanted to see Cuccurruzi, but you had to walk like 2 hours and we were afraid it wasn't worth it. So, we finally ended this day of long rides with a little walk along the natural pools of Zonza. I found this looking like a fairy tale...

Last stop before we went back was Calvi: the north of Corsica.
We took a long time to go from Rondinara to Calvi, I was mostly of the time asleep, again. Once there, we had a cute camping, Camping de Paduella. I really loved this one! Near everything, with not a lot of persons, perfect area,... Once installed, we went to the beach (it wasn't even 5 min walking). We were lying on the beach and then suddenly, the train passed near us, really weird ahah. They don't really understand it I think.

Next day, we were taking a look in l'Ile Rousse. It was still like a typical Corsican city: little Streets, shops everywhere, a church,... I liked it, but it was just feeling so the same at the end. We've also done here a really long walk till the headlight so I can take my pictures haha.

Last day of real holidays, and I've begin it really cool: I went for the first time in my life diving undersea. It was just magic! The city (Calvi) from seaside is so different but under the sea... waw! I saw a lot of fishes and also a red starfish. After this beautiful experience, we visited the city in a rush and then leave it again to go to Ajaccio, where it all beginned.

The day after, we left the Island and we were back on the continent. It was a beautiful city, a nice experience and a wonderful holiday!

Q: Did you ever went on holiday without your parents ? How was it?

Love of Lou!

Monday, 19 October 2015

Travel || Corsica 2015 ~ Part 2.

Hey guys!

So, here I'm back again. So we finished last time with saying that that one Saturday we went on a boattrip. Well, we woke up really early for holidays, like 7 PM. Once arrived there, I couldn't find my sun cream anymore (and knowing I can be in the sun for like 10 minutes and already look like a tomato, this was realllyyyy a problem). After searching and stressing, I finally found it in the bag of my friend. Yes, it was really early in the morning. Than, we installed ourself in the boat and begin the whole trip. It was wonderful, we saw a lot of beaches, natural or where tourists doesn't go. Also a lot of "Calanques'' (it are like rocks in the sea, where you can have some caves, etc.). We lunched at a lonely beach with a nice giant rock in front of us. Mostly of the people who where with us climbed it and so do I. Little, courageous me. Than in the afternoon, we visited still some nice and cute places. And then, we swim in some like transparant, blue water with fishes. Really crazy! We didn't really see a dolphin, just once the back of one... I hoped to see a whole group of it.

Next day, we went for a more cultural trip. We went to Sartène, seen as the most beautiful city of Corsica and also with a lot of cultural spots. First, we went to the museum there. Just to arrive there, it was like Climbing a mountain. Nice museum, but we needed to continu. So, we did a walk throught Sartène. It was a beautiful city, but for that calling it most beautiful city? Nah. Than, we continued to Cauria, a prehistoric city, called one of the most impressive of Corsica. Just to arrive there, we had to face like the end of the world: roads that aren't finished, places where there is just one house in the kilometre you ride, the GPS who was totally lost,.. When we finally arrived, we had to park our car and walk a lot.... for a few stones. Nothing waw, nothing impressive, haha! It was beautiful view to be honest, but the stones where nothing. So we decided to discover Olmeto, who was litteraly a beautiful view, a church and some cute houses.

It's Saturday, and today, we're leaving our beautiful little camping to go to Rondinara, one of the most beautiful beaches of the Island and near Bonifacio and Porto Vechhio. The first day we just enjoyed the beach. Next day, we discover Porto Vecchio... But I'm gonna leave you know.

Do you like the views? Do you wanna go there ?

Love of Lou!


Monday, 5 October 2015

Travel || Corsica 2015

Hi guys! So, I promised to make a post soon about my holidays in Corsica and I still haven't done it. What a shame.. Some months ago, a friend of mine told me she searched someone to go with her to Corscia. I searched since a few days a friend to go on holiday with without having an idea of which country I wanted to visit. When she told me that, I agreed going to Corsica with her without any idea of what kind of country Corsica was. But a country you haven't visit already has to be visit! So I asked people around me who has been there, what they have seen, what they thought of it,etc. A lot of people said it was amazing there, that the views are more than awesome and I would like it.

We began to organise the trip a little bit: booking the boat, searching the roads, finding some camping,... (Oh yeah, I forgot to tell: we wanted to do it all camping, just for fun) Only that was already a big deal for me because I always went on holiday with my parents organizing it (and if you know how good my mom can plan, you know I didn't have to think about planning).

And then, Saturday 5th of Septembre, we woke up early (on 4:00 AM!) and did Thousand and a little bit more kilometers, throught 5 countries to arrive in Nice (We have seen in one day: Belgium, France, Suisse, Italy and Luxembourg!) I slept a lot in the car, just woke up for eating and taking pictures, because there is no better place to sleep than in a car! Once arrived in Nice, we slept in a little Hotel, Ibis Budget for the night. The next day we woke up early enough to visit Nice before taking our boat to Corsica. I had never seen Nice before that's why I was happy that we finally visit it and I liked it! Beautiful Streets with cute little shops and a lot of people what give it a nice atmosphere! In the afternoon we left the continent and arrived in Ajaccio only in the evening. There we slept in a Original, artistic "Chambre d'Hôtes". The next day we visited Ajaccio, the city where Napoleon Bonaparte lived, and in the afternoon we immediatly went to Olmeto.

When we finally arrived in Olmeto, after riding in the most horrible, typical mountain ways, we installed ourself in our camping, Vigna Maggiore. Perfect swimpool, cute driveways with a lot of flowers and little, nice reception. Really a dreamcamping! After been totally installed, we enjoyed our nice swimpool with lovely view (and fresh water, finally!). The next day, we went visiting Propriano, who's literally the opposing mountain of Olmeto. Cute little city, with a lot of shops for tourists and at the end a beautiful beach! So, we ended our day on the beach of Propriano. Which was really nice because when we swom or snorkelled, you saw a lot of fishes just swimming next to you. When we were on our way back, we saw some promotions to make a boattrip to see the coasts of Corsica. They also told us that, somedays, we saw dauphins! So, we planned a trip for Thursday.

Q: Do you want to know how the boattrip was ? Do you want to know if we saw dauphins, how our trip ended?

Check my blog regulary and stay informed!

Love of Lou! x

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

International Coffee DAY 2015!

Hello you there!

So as you know, if you follow me on instagram, is that I'm addicted to coffee in every form: Latte, Cappuccino, Frappuccino,.. You could drink a coffee every moment of the day, every season! I'm not only addicted just to coffee, but also to the Coffeestore Starbucks. I love every coffee they make and I could spend every day there! I think I'm not the only one how does feel like this about this coffeeshop.

So today was the International Coffee Day and Starbucks gave away a free Latte for everyone who came in the shop between 9:00 and 11:00... Ofcourse, I had planned something and couldn't be there on time but it didn't hold me to go there.

For this occasion, I thought of sharing my top 3 of my favourites Starbucks.


1. Caramel Coffee Jelly Frappuccino.

A cold creamy caramel blended Frappuccino with coffee jelly, finished with a delicious cream topping and caramel drizzle, yes that is the Caramel Coffee Jelly Frappuccino. This one stole my heart in Kopenhagen this summer, it was damn hot but I wanted a coffee badly. Perfect for a warm summer day like that one! (Sometimes I wish it was summer again to drink one of them again...)

2. Caramel Macchiato

The whole year, this is my heartbreaking one, I love it and Always will! Mostly of the time I drink coffe with the taste of Caramel, because they are the best ones. But a Macchiato, an Espresso with freshly steamed milk, is better than Cappuccino's, Espresso's,etc. Here they don't only put an Espresso with steamed milk but also a vanilla-flavourd syrup with an Caramel drizzle again (I really do like this last one).

3. Pumpkin Spice Latte.

The autumn is back with his cold days, red leaves and... the Pumpkin Spice Latte. An Espresso with milk and flavor notes of pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg topped with whipped cream and real pumpkin pieces is really the musthave for these days! I tried it while I was learning in the Starbucks between two lessons and I was pleasantly surprised. The pumpkin is such a good taste in combination with the coffee and the cinnamon mades it perfectly matched all together. If you have the occasion to drink this one one of these days, don't hesitate, it is a real journey just drinking this little coffee!

What is your favourite coffee in The Starbucks? Did you try one of these ones?

I hope you enjoyed reading this (and that you're wanting a Starbucks now), blogposts about Corsica and all the pics are coming soon!

Love of Lou!

Monday, 7 September 2015

Throw Back: Danmark 2015

Hellow there!

Now that I have prepared Corsica, I think back of the awesome time I had in Danmark, the beautiful things I've seen, (the easy I had because my parents planned everything) etc.

So I thought why not sharing some pictures of it with you?

I loved the Streets there. With those lamps hanging above your head. I loved it!

This was the magical sunset of Roskilde. One of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life. My parents took me there saying it would be magic, that there where no better places to take pictures. Well Indeed, I admitt: it was magic! The sky begins to be first orange, than it changes in pink and finally in a pastel blue/pink palet. The sun also never really falls into the sea. It just disappears at some moment... really something you have to see in your life!

This is Nyhavn, one of the most famous places in Copenhagen (you can also see it in Pitch Perfect 2). I loved the place, we did a little tour on a boat there, really nice but so typical touristic. Haha


 ... And all those other places, that where beautiful each one of them. that makes that country so exeptional and wonderfull.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Love of Lou!

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Read it: A Work In Progress - Connor Franta

Hey you!

This holidays, when I was in Danmark, I took this beautiful book with me : A Work in Progress of Connor Franta. I bought it before my final exams began but knowing myself and knowing how much I will love it, I put it immediately in my suitcases. I was really excited to read it that I already began in our way to Danmark.

A Work in Progress is an intimate memoir of Connor's life where he shares his life lessons on his journey from a small-town boy to an Internet sensation. He shares his struggles during his life
with identity, body image, and sexuality in his teen years in a family with four children. He also explains how he decided to pursue his artistic life in his twenties.

In the beginning, it was not really like I expected. I didn't found it especially funny, I didn't see the purpose of it. But then, I watched a video of Connor and thought that it would be nicer to read it imagining Connor was reading it. And from then on, I devoured that book in one time. It was amazing, I loved every page of it. It where sometimes hard themes, about sexuality, being an adolescent, and all those harder things. But there was always a joke hidden, a little bit of humor somewhere and that mades it easier to read and easier to think about it. On some themes, this book helped me to make it more clear for me, on other themes, I was suddenly lost (For example: after reading this book I asked myself if it was really a good idea to chose for physiotherapy and if I had not better choosen photography instead of it.) On most of themes, it mostly more clear than not clear, but I think that depends on the person himself.
(picture I took while reading it in Danmark)

Did you read it or do you want to read it ? What do you think of it ?

Love of Lou!

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

A Little Frustration.

Hey you there! How are you?

So today I'm going to post something about a little frustration I have since shortly, the reason why I prefer to pay with a bankcard and maybe even why I never have cash on me. When you pay with cash, you Always Always have to check your money before leaving the shop because the marchant never gives you the money he has to give you...

This little frustration came up some days, last day of work I had to go with the bus, and saw a little supermarket and thought "Damn, still not eaten anything, I'm going to buy a croissant and a bottle of water". Of course, you have to pay like €2 for that but the only money you have in your wallet is a bill of €20. You pay and with your head still not awake, you don't count the money and what did I realised when I arrived at my work? He paid me €5 too little... Hatefully! In first time, it isn't a lot of money, but it's the principle. It is not because it's 7 in the morning, that I stil didn't drunk a coffee and really want him to hurry up that he had to let me pay extra for that stupid croissant and water.

Am I the only one with this frustration? Did it happen to you too?

Love of Lou!

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Quote of the month: Septembre 2015

Hello there!

Like you probably already saw, earlier I did a Quote of the week every week, but I think otherwise this blog is gonna be only quotes and nothing really interesting anymore, I thought a quote on the beginning of every month was enough.

So this month, I found a beautiful one in one of my favourites books: A Work in Progress.

“It’s okay. It may not seem like it right now, but you are going to be fine. I know it’s scary, but don’t be afraid. You are who you are, and you should love that person, and I don’t want anyone to have to go through 22 years of their life afraid to accept that.”
Connor Franta

I found it perfect for the moment I'm passing through at the moment. Being graduated, going to University, being an adult now, having my driving licence, ... It's kind of scary in the beginning, and this holidays were hard because I was asking myself "Have I choosen the right course?", "Do I really wanna do that the rest of my life?", "What now? What is coming now?", "Will my friends of high school still be my friends?" and surely "Am I ready for the adult life?"

So yes, it didn't seem great this holidays, but now that "The real life" is coming closer I think it's going to be fine. And if it isn't the right choice, I can still change. If I don't want to do that for the rest of my life, well I will find out. What is coming now, is a new life, but an experience more. And real friends will stay friends. Even if you're life is changing.

Have you already had this phase in your life?
If this phase is still to happen in your life, I hope this quote will help you out of the labyrinth you will be. (Hard times are there to make the good times better!)

Love of Lou!

Friday, 28 August 2015

Lou and the Chocolate Factory.

Hello you there!

Today has been kind of weird day, like a day they called "where you turn a page, begin a new chapter, etc". It was my last day of work of this summer in a chocolate factory. You may find this weird that I find this so important, but it was my first month of real work (not like being an animator) that I do during the summer. I've done some days there too before, like with Christmas or Valentine but it was never a long time.

The first day, I will Always remember, it was a loooong day ( I thought it was endless, I didn't imagine how I could survive there a month). We had filled boxes with chocolate, they learned me how to pack good,etc. But in the afternoon, I received a big box with bags and a roll of stickers. I had to stick 800 stickers on the bottom of the bags... I thought they were just kidding, giving me the shitty work because I was just a student. When I went proudly to the one who gave me the bags and said I finished them all, she said "Now you have to put the cardboards in all the bags". In the evening, after work, I was thinking this would be one hell if it was like this the whole month.

And yes, it was still boring work every day: filling boxes with (sometimes the same) chocolates, weighing them, put a catalog with the different chocolates in it, pack them in a gift package, close them with a knot or bow. But, there was Always something different, another praline, another gift package,...

So, every day I've learned how the working life was but also that you had to enjoy the little differnces, appreciate your colleagues and make the best of every moment. Otherwise, a day can be very long. (One day, we were all so tired of putting the same praline in the same box, that we were like singing with the radio, making stupid jokes and things like that. It's weird if you know that my colleagues had children a little bit younger or mostly older than me. But I liked it!)

And did you do some work this holidays? How was your experience?

Love of Lou!

Monday, 24 August 2015

Movie Time: The Age of Adaline

Hey there!

I finally found how to change my Bio again haha! It's a better one for the new beginning, now I have to change my background but I have really no idea in which... if you have any suggestion, leave a message!

Okay, now back to the subject: not so long time ago I saw there was a new movie coming out: The Age of Adaline with Blake Lively. First, just looking at the pictures I thought it was going to be an extraordinary movie but reading the resume of it, I found it totaly weird. (But my sister came saying it was so beautiful and that I had to see it. I am grateful to her that she kind of obliged me, otherwise I would have missed that little pearl!)

Adaline, is a a young woman born at the turn of the 20th century, is made ageless after an accident in a night. After a long time of solidarity, she finally met someone who is worth to give up her eternal life.

In the beginning, it tooks a certain time before the story really began but from the begin I was totaly fan of Adaline aka Blake. She is dressed classy all the time, vintage but fashionable. Beside she's dressed very well, she Always does her hair perfectly! Here there are some of her hairstyles. When she first met Ellis, she seemed to be really sure of herself and playing a hard-to-get, but you realise that she's just protecting him (and herself). She's a character everybody would like because of her tenderness and quietness.

Ellis, the man who felt in love with Adaline, is a real gentleman like every woman wants to meet one day. I have to admit, I also found him charming and lovely. He's probable not the most beautiful man but he's surely an example for men nowadays.
In the end, I found it a touching movie, with a moving story of two loving persons. I loved it!
Have you seen the movie ? Did you like it?
Love of Lou!

Friday, 21 August 2015

New beginning & Mons 2015.

Hey everyone!

It's been a while I've blogged and I thought stopping it at all. Since a while I think of blogging again, because I really miss it. But this time I don't want to blog about make-up, clothes,etc. No, this time I want to write about whatever I want. This blog is going to be a kind of diary where I just going to put my ideas about everything. I hope you're going to enjoy it more than before.

So let's began with something I've done a little time ago, but just found the pictures back of it. Mons 2015. The European city of Culture in 2015. I was excited when I heard it was in Belgium so we went this summer with the whole family to see it, like a month ago. It was a warm summerday, but not too warm. I was thinking about everything what could be there, all the beautiful things that would be set up, etc when we rode to Mons.

Once there, we parked our car in a little thiny parking open especially for Mons 2015. Then we searched our way thourght the Streets of Mons. Which, I found, was not so easy. There was nothing to indicate the way or whatever. Okay, when we approached the place with the Giant Sunflower Labyrinth, all shops had a little sunflower at their door.

We didn't do the Labyrinth, because the queue of people was just too long under the burning sun. So first, my mom and I took some pictures of the sunflowers in the middle of the city and then we went searching the other things of Culture to see.

We haven't find a lot, and that was just a big disapointement for me (and other people probably also): there wasn't a lot. Jus those awesome words, quotes and phrases everywhere in the city. But otherwise, there wasn't a lot.... Even in the shopping Streets, lots of shops were closed, no flowers on any house, etc.

 (I like this one, I don't know why but that quote with the closed windows... matching perfectly)

 I love to see the Streets just decorated with something simple but so powerful: Words.


Even if it wasn't such a big deal as I hoped it would be, I was happy to go there because it was a nice little family trip ending with a Ice Cream (what Always make a lot of things better).

Do you went to Mons 2015 or in another year to a European City of Culture? What was there to see?

Love of Lou!