Monday, 7 September 2015

Throw Back: Danmark 2015

Hellow there!

Now that I have prepared Corsica, I think back of the awesome time I had in Danmark, the beautiful things I've seen, (the easy I had because my parents planned everything) etc.

So I thought why not sharing some pictures of it with you?

I loved the Streets there. With those lamps hanging above your head. I loved it!

This was the magical sunset of Roskilde. One of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life. My parents took me there saying it would be magic, that there where no better places to take pictures. Well Indeed, I admitt: it was magic! The sky begins to be first orange, than it changes in pink and finally in a pastel blue/pink palet. The sun also never really falls into the sea. It just disappears at some moment... really something you have to see in your life!

This is Nyhavn, one of the most famous places in Copenhagen (you can also see it in Pitch Perfect 2). I loved the place, we did a little tour on a boat there, really nice but so typical touristic. Haha


 ... And all those other places, that where beautiful each one of them. that makes that country so exeptional and wonderfull.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Love of Lou!