Wednesday, 30 July 2014

My little Rainboots.

Helloww guys!

Like you have seen it, I was not posting a lot this last week. I was on holiday, not really holiday, it was the championship of horseriding in France.
And I know it's summer, and you probably think why my post is calling "my Rainboots", but there, we had or too warm weather or rain. So, there was mud everywhere and it was horrible.
That's why I couldn't resist when In saw this litte rainboots in the Tom Joules stand.
I found them for 10 euro, when normally they cost 40 euro. Also, I've been looking for these boots since 2 years, I think, because my mom buy some (with lines print) and I always use them. And this print, was really my favourite one! It's a classy print for boots and pink is still my favourite color.

They're very comfortable and easy to put on your feet. I can not only wear them when I go to my horses but I think, it's possible to wear them everywhere there is mud (wood,..).

So, I hope you like them too and if you go somehere where there's mud, don't hesitate, this are the best shoes to wear there!

What are your rainboots?

Love of Lou!

Friday, 25 July 2014

Making "poffertjes".

Helloww guys!

Today, I found in one of my closets of my kitchen a pack of a mix for "Poffertjes", a little kind of pancakes who's a speciality for the Nederlands. I really wanted to them ut I haven't a "poffertjespan". I tried it with my oven, and they were succesful!

The ingredients:
-The "poffertje" mix
-0.75l water
-2 eggs
-1 eatspoon oil

The ingredients without "poffertjes" mix (I haven't test this, sorry guys!):
 -1 egg
-1/4 dl sour cream
-300ml milk
-2 eatspoons granulated sugar
-300 gr sef-rising flour

The "Poffertjes":
Mix all the ingredients.
Take a mold with little circles and set the dough in the mold.
Preheat the oven for 200° and set the mold in the oven during 10 minutes.

Love of Lou!

Friday, 18 July 2014

Making Green Tea Whoopies.

Hellowww Guys!
Today I just made some whoopies who are sooooo delicious that I wanna share them with you!
It's easier than I thought, better than macarons en take less time than macarons, FANTASTIC!

The Ingredients:
-250 g flour
-150 g castor sugar
-1 egg
-120 g butter
10 cl of yoghurt
-baking powder
-15g Green tea powder
-300 g icing sugar
-130 g Mascarpone
-3 soup spoons of orange flower water

The "Shell":
Melt your butter.
Set it in a deep dish with the sugar.
Add the flour, baking powder, the egg and the yoghurt and the Green tea.
Preheat the oven on 180°C.
Dress the dough with a nuts spoon on a sulfurized paper.
Bake it during 15 min.

The Cream:
Mix the Mascarpone, icing sugar and the orange flower water.
Finally you take a shell, you take aspoon of cream, you put it on the shell and take a second shell.
You put the second shell on it.

How were your Whoopies?
Love of Lou

Saturday, 12 July 2014

CITY TRIP: London! ( London haul & photography)

Hellowww Guys!
Today I'm making a haul about everything I bought in London.
I bought more than I do normally, but yeah it was London!

I bought some socks in London: 3 Pairs in the Topshop (And also that white pair twice for a friend, little present). They are little socks with lace. I had seen a lot of girls with it in London and I found it so cute and girly. I've searched in some shops and finally found them in the Topshop. I like it really! It gives that little touch extra on every outfit you wear.
Then, I bought those two books. Like I said in a previous post, I LOVED "The fault in our stars" of John Green. So I decided in London to find other books from him and those were my two favourite ones. I bought them for only 12 £ in a shop near the "Fortum & Mason". Now, I just have to found time to read them.
When you went to the M&M's world, you always have to bought something there. I've made some pink (my favourite color) mix with the M&M's and bought a Magnets set together with my sisters. I found it funny and hope I will find a nice little place for them in my room.
One of the things I really really REALLY wanted to buy in London was something of the "Tanya Burr Cosmetics". First Superdrug store (in Candem Town) I entered they didn't have it, and I was so sad. Next day, I found a second Superdrug Store and found my happiness! I've directly tested it and I'm proud of it. It was still on my nails after a week, without using a topcoat on it (I forgot that). If you wanted to buy a nice and cheap nailpolish, try this one! It's wonderful.
I've entered in the craziest shop ever, Cyberdog. If you go to Candem Town, just take a look. I liked it! And there I found something nice to wear on a party or a festival: Hair chalk. It's a pink color. You color your hair with that, it holds one day and after a shower, you're hair is back his natural color. I haven't test it already but it is still so fancy!
I bought also (in little shops in the street) a pair of socks with the "Union Jack" , a pen and a key ring of a typical cell phone from London. And also a handbag with the union Jack. My mom brought me the previous time she went to London a wallet with the same print so I saw this bag for onlmy 2£ and don't had the courage to let him hanging there alone :D
My mother bought these two hot drinks, I found the boxes of it so nice. The first one is a hot chocolate with Caramel flavour. We bought it in Harrods. And the second box is a tea with Ginger flavour coming from the Fortum & Mason.

My favourite thing I bought in London: My pink New Balance! When I saw them and test them, I fell in love with it! I've wear them the next two days and they were super comfortable! They are so lovely! I also bought a shirt in the Hard Rock Café. It's noit the classic one because I already have one from New York. But I found this one having something nice.
In a street shop from Candem Town, I bought this awesome Starbucks Coffee crop top. It's a little bit too big but I like it like that! It is so comfortable. I also bought some tape laces for my Doc Martens. I hope they will make my Docs a little bit girlier :p I found also a little pocket to set my credit cards in it with "Kepp calm & Go shopping". It is handy and funny. And the last thing on the picture above is a Fresh breath spray of the "Marks & Spencer". We don't have that in Belgium (I never saw it), it's like in the movies. I found it something you have to have in your handbag.

Finally, I've taken loads of pictures in London and I want to show you my favourite ones. I hope you will like it. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

CITY TRIP: London (the trip: part 3)

Hellowww Guys!
Sorry for taking so long to make these posts, but it takes me loads of time :( I'm doing my best for making them so early as possible. Today I'm making a post about the last day in London.

We were tired but don't wanna leave it. First we begin to visit Hyde park, where everybody, to my surprise, talk French. It was beautiful, lovely and still in the middle of the city. You have also a path for riding your horse, and a piste (a great one). 

Then we went to Harrods. It was just wonderful! There were lots of brands that I love! It is huge also. We have passed by the toys store, we've seen the craziest things like a walking minion, some cars that really ride, alittle car that rides on the walls,.. We also saw the engagement rings of Diana and the son of Harrods.

When we finally found the way out, we went to Hard Rock Café because I really want to buy there a shirt (what I have done => you will see it in my next post about London). Then we go search something to eat, and we concluded that we loved the Vegetarian Thai of the first day and that there is one at Piccadilly Circus. So we go eaten there, it was less good as the one in Candem Town, but still delicious. We also took a look in the British museum, we saw a mummie, the Rosette stone,..

After that we went back to our appartment to take us bagages and went to St. Pancreas. There we did our last shoppings in the Marks & Spencer, Accesorize,.. and began to prepare us to take our train. We took our latest "Nero Café" and go back.

Now, when I write about it, I already miss it. It was, I think, the most beautiful trip I ever done. I've already been to London, but we didn't visited a lot.. I hope I can go back in a few years!
Are you already went to London? What did you thought of it?
Love of Lou!

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Rock Werchter 2014!

Helloww Guys!
Summer is finally back and the festivals that follow also!
So I went to Rock Werchter the 6th July to see Bastille, Rudimental & Stromae.
I was really excited since the morning, don't knowing what to wear, what to take with me, etc.
Finally, I wear my starbucks crop top, a jeans short & pink shoes.
The train & bus journey was long, I wanted to be there immediately :3
When we arrived, we took a look everywhere (the bands that were singing wasn't my style) and I bought a fake stretch in one of those little shops.
Than we went to the Mainstage to see Rudimental, we had a place in the second part, but we saw everything perfectly.
It was a nice concert, good atmosphère. They song their new song, I think it's called "too cool to love me". I liked it!
We searched something eat, I think I only eat Churros and waffles there, and than we were supposed to go see Bastille.
But suddenly, there's like a GIANT storm! Well, that doesn't stop me. I went to Bastille and had more place to party. Dan Smith excused himself all the time because of the rain, he said also he had the best fans :D So during a song, he came down off the podium and walked in the little way that separate the first part of the second part. I was just next to this way, so YES I TOUCHED HIM AND SAW HIM FROM LIKE 1 METER OF ME! That really makes my day complete! It was the birthday of Woody, the drummer. He song bad blood, weight of living, these street, overjoyed, Icarus, The draw (which is for the moment my favorite song of them), things we lost in the fire, also he song Of the night, where he has asked us to dance with him (it was just jumping & going to your knees) and Pompei where he aasked us to let swing our raincoats. It was really the best concert of the day, he has done that perfectly! See you Next year, Bastille!
Then we went seeing Birdy a little bit, but she was already began so we just heared her. We couldn't see a lot. We also wanted to see Lykke Li, but I found it really boring and my friend too, so we went to the Mainstage for preparing us to go see Kings Of Leon. Franz Ferdinand was singing when we were waiting. It wasn't bad, I found the song nicer then when I searched it weeks before. My friend and I had beautiful places for Kings of Leon, we saw perfectly, not loads of space, but that doesn't matter. The concert was nice, he was stopping after singing "Use Someone" WITHOUT singing "Sex on fire". Everybody was still singing "Use Someone", that he finally returns for singing 3 songs and finished with "Sex on Fire".
And than, the least our lovely, Belgian Stromae! When I bought my ticket, I thought it was a bad idea to end with him. But WAW, after seeing it I'm sure it was a genius idea. He gave us a show, like no one can do this! He always made a little intro for every song and changed his clothes with every song, but still it was awesome! He song ta fete, formidabel, ave cesaria, batard, humain a l'eau, papaoutai and ofc Alors on Dance!
After that, there was firework to cloture the whole festival. I didn't see a lot of it because I was too near the podium. Rock Werchter was my first festival, and I will come back next year! (Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures, I had only my phone with me)
Do you went to Rock Werchter? What did youthought of it?
Love of Lou!

Saturday, 5 July 2014

CITY TRIP: London! (The trip: part 2)

Helloowww Guys!
Today, I'm going to talk about our second day in London, who was really touristique!
We wake up and eat a little breakfast, and then we go direction: Westminister! The first thing we saw when we go outside the metro was: The London eye.

 We took a lot of pictures with the London eye, Westminster Abbey, the Big Ben, trafalgar square... we also stopped to take a picture with all the first ministers of England like Winston Churchill, George Lloyd David,.. When taking pictures, I met a friend who was also in London (the world is still little). And we go to Buckingham Palace, watching the changing of the guards. Then we go eaten falafells in a little resto near Picadelly Circus
In the afternoon we went seeing China Town and after that we take a little look in the m&m store.
Then, we continued to the Covent Garden, which is so lovely with all those street artists!
And we finished with the National Gallery with the paints of Vincent Van Gogh, Monet, Manet,...

And after that tiring but still awesome day we went back to us appartement for eating ( a lot) and sleeping ( A LOTTT!).
I hope you enjoyed it!

Love of Lou