Friday, 25 July 2014

Making "poffertjes".

Helloww guys!

Today, I found in one of my closets of my kitchen a pack of a mix for "Poffertjes", a little kind of pancakes who's a speciality for the Nederlands. I really wanted to them ut I haven't a "poffertjespan". I tried it with my oven, and they were succesful!

The ingredients:
-The "poffertje" mix
-0.75l water
-2 eggs
-1 eatspoon oil

The ingredients without "poffertjes" mix (I haven't test this, sorry guys!):
 -1 egg
-1/4 dl sour cream
-300ml milk
-2 eatspoons granulated sugar
-300 gr sef-rising flour

The "Poffertjes":
Mix all the ingredients.
Take a mold with little circles and set the dough in the mold.
Preheat the oven for 200° and set the mold in the oven during 10 minutes.

Love of Lou!

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