Sunday, 29 June 2014

CITY TRIP: London! (The trip: part 1)

Hellowww guys!
Like I said in my last post, I've went to London with my family for 3 days.
Because it was one of my most beautiful trips, so I wanna share it with you, guys, with all the details!
Today I'm gonna tell you how it went, what we've done,..
We woke up saturday the 21 on 5 'o clock to take us train, it was really hard... But yeah, a little effort for something wonderful!
We were waiting the train to go to Brussels and there we would take us Eurostar direction London.
And that moment, my little sister (the 12 year old one) realised she forgot the code of the lock from her bagages!
It was hilarious, she was in panic and began to do every number ( Lucky for her, it wasn't 999!). Then finally arrived in the trainstation of Brussels, it was like in the airport, passing the douane, ID controller,... really cool for someone who hasn't done that for a while ( I don't remember it..)
Once in the train, I just listen to music and read "Angels & Demons" of Dan Brown. And then, we arrived in the station "St Pancreas" in London! :D

 Everything just look like a dream.. Because wewere very hungry, first thing we did is buying a breakfast in the "Marks & Spencer" (lovely market, I'm so excited they're coming back in Belgium!) Then we took the metro for going to us apartment. That's really something you have to do in London, taking a metro. 

And once our bagages dropped, we went visiting Candem Town! I have went to London 4 years before but haven't seen that and I was so hapy I will finally see it.

 It was wonderful, shops everywhere and for everyone, with the weirdest things you can imagine and the cheapest things. You have like little shops with every print you can imagine, or the oldest Dr Martens shop, or even the Cyberdog, a shop with really weird but so fancy things. 

I think I bought the most of my things there. Then we went eating to a "Vegetarian Thai" Buffet. It was DELICIOUS! I have never eaten so much, it was just heaven! Then after that, we went back to us apartment, take a break and continued watching the tower of London, the Tower Bridge, the Millenium Bridge, the Shakespeare theatre,.. 

It was a faboulous day, but damned I had a lot of foot pain! We went back to the apartment, taking a dinner, watching English TV, enjoying our view, taking a shower and slee, because tomorrow will wait another faboulous day!
Love of Lou!

Friday, 27 June 2014

Birthday Barbecue!


I'm sorry for not having posted any blog since a few weeks (? I think).
I had a lot work for school, exams coming,... and today I can finally say I'm going to senior year! :D

But before I knew this, I had to wait a week and we've done a lot in that week.
Firstly, we've done a trip to London with the whole family (I'm making a post of it, but it will a little bit time, sorry!).
And secondly, I have organised my birthday barbecue!

It was a long time I have done something for my birthday (5 years), so, I was a little bit stressed.
The day before, my mom and I went to the supermarket to buy ( A LOT) of food.
And then the morning of the D-day, me, my mom and my sister begin to wash the whole house and prepare the food. It was hard, I always thought there was not enough food ( there was like 14 persons coming and I thought they will eat a lot :p). On 2 O' Clock my friends, Phebe and Thomas, came help me continu the preparation and Phebe wanted to do my make-up (With her new Nakep pallet 2).

(The pictures below: I've made some name cards for the glasses; I've made also an original decoration, I hope you like).

The aperitif was chips (salt, paprika, ketchup, ... ) with Sangria (normal or white). Than we continued with the main course, the barbecue, who was in fact without meat (I'm kind of a vegetarian, I eat fish and poultry). The "meat" was fish with lemon and pineapple, scampi's and chicken. There was also couscous, pasta (was very delicous!), salad, cucumber and tomates! And to end, a chocolate pie with a cuberdon ice and marshmallows on the barbecue. It was all delicious (I found, I hope my friends too ) but there was too much of everything!

I also received a lot of nice presents ( even if I said I don't need one ). First I received a lovely Polaroid camera! I do a lot of photography, always with the camera of my mom, so this is my first own camera! :D I'm so proud! Then I received a Chanel nailpolish, red dark, it's faboulous, i'm in love with it... Also a book about eye make-up of "Bobbi Brown'' and a protection for my Polaroid. I have really the best friends in the world! I have never had so lovely presents!

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Favourites of May.


May is end and I wanted to make a post about my favourites of this month, so here it is! 

To begin, this month iI bought a new blush : a pink "Park Avenue" blush.
I'm really satisfied of it because, it's made of three shades of pink, so it gives you the chance to play with the shade of pink you want that day. I use it every day, it's my final touch on my daily make-up.

The second thing I'm really satisfied this month is my "Gliss Kur Hair repair anti-spliss" product. (I told you about it in another post). I only find it in the netherlands, what makes my sad because it's almost finished.

This month I also (finally) finished "The fault in our stars" (Book) of John Green. I do not end it before because I just don't want that it stops.. Now, I finally finished it. I found it a wonderful book and I think I'm going to buy the other books of John Green. (I also told about it in a previous post).

I have it since months but I just wanna to share with you this because I'm still in love with it: it's my hairpin of  "Claire's" . It's the most wonderful thing I ever bought! It's handy, easy to take it with you, and you can make a lot of hairstyles with it.

And finally, I wanted so much a "Hard Rock Café" t-shirt it was on my London-wishlist. My mom found one she had received from someone who was went to New York but was too small for her. So now, I have a fancy Hard rock Café tshirt!

What are your favourites of May?

Love of Lou!