Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Plog #2 Working @Chocolade Salon Brussels!

Hey everyone!

What's going on?

Normally I don't really do plogs are sharing my week with you (I only did it once). And I like it but nothing more... but I wanna try it once again.

Sunday I had the chance to work in "Le Salon du Chocolat" in Brussels with my job Valentino. I was really excited with knowing I will work there, where there is like a lot of great chocolatiers like Marcolini (not himself, but his workers), Darcis, etc. There are much nice and exeptional things made with chocolate. You have many chocolatefountains, chocolat drawings and also an Chocolate dress fashion show. I haven't seen much of all those nice things, because I had to work hard (harder than I thought). But my parents went also to it, just to visist the Salon and took some pictures for me. Here they are...

 This are the dresses made of Chocolat (I have seen the fashion show  because I could see it was next to my stand, but I could'n take pictures, sorry!). I liked the dresses a lot. Miss Belgium 2015 also wear one of them, the winning one I thought. Nice to see!

 a chocolate fountain made by Callebaut!
This last picture is so cool, it is a sushi bar with sushi's made of chocolat! How cool?

Q: What did you thought of the pictures? 

Love of Lou!

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Sephora Nailpolish!

Hey Everyone!

How are you going ?

I have a total new nailpolish from Sephora, a brand I've never tested before.

In fact, I didn't bought it. When I've bought a little present in the Sephora I realised I hadn't a card member. I received one and they said that the next time that I will buy something there,I'll receive a free nailpolish. So, I went back buying something and choosed a nailpolish...

When I saw this, I was totally in love with it.. I like it because it isn't really a colour, it is green/blue metallic.(It kind of looks like a green-blue galaxy). I find it classy and original without being busy for hours.

It is also a good quality, because, I first wear it without topcoat and it stays on my nails like I had a topcoat on (I forgot totally to do some on, haha!).
I received this one but normally you can have it for the price of €4.95. I think it's a good price for the quality and you have a large collection of colours.
Here, I will end my little blogpost with the announcement that, from now on, every satur-or sunday I'll do a post (I'm trying to do it every saturday), so from now on, take a look each weekend!

Love of Lou!