Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Plog #1 (Shopping Ghent - Zuiddag 2014 - excursion Cap Blanc Nez/Cap Gris Nez)

So, today I wanna try something because, I think my quote of the week is kind of boring...
I have done a lot of things this weeks that I don't do normally.

After being 2 days sick in my bed, I finally can came out of my house and we hadn't school so... my mom took us (my sisters and me) going for a shop in Ghent. My sister Nele and me reaally needed a wintercoat (like I said it in my previous post). I drunk a Starbucks Frapuccinno Caramel, which was very delicious! I found a coat in the first shop, the Pink Pastel Coat of the H&M, but have looked ALL the shops to be sure it was that I want. (I know I am a difficult one, but now I'm pretty sure it is the one I wanted!) It was such a nice afternoon!

16 - 10 -2014
Today, it was the "Zuiddag 2014", the day where you go work for one day and the wage you win is for helping youngs in the Gaza. I went to the Chocolatery "Valentino" at 8.00 am. When I arrived there, they give me an apron and took me to the place I've to work. I thought I had probably to work with Chocolate.. but no, I had to sorting the Christmas decoration of the shops... kind of boring job but I saw some nice christmas stuff!

17 -10 -2014
This day, we went on an excursion with school to France. First of all we were going to visite the museum "La Coupole" which is about the WO II. And then, we went eating in Wiméreux, where I eat a delicious piece of cake made with apples.
After that, we went to the "Cap Gris Nez"... a beautiful view, nice little ways (where we get lost with my friends), and an apart but lovely beach.
And, to end the day, we finally went to "Cap Blanc Nez"... I liked it ! Beautiful beach with stones in the beginning, like high "mountains" around it, ... We've walked on that beach like an hour, and then went back.

I really loved this day !
I hope you liked, it's a little bit a change and I hope it is appreciated !
Love of Lou!

Monday, 13 October 2014

Quote of the week #8

Hey everyone!
I'm so sorry for this a little bit too late ost, but I was in France and I've been sick also...
I found this little quote (it is of one of my favourites authors, Guillaume Musso) and I liked it.
Just because, I realise that having a few friends is all you need and yeah, I read a lot of books but there is only a few that still really means something to me.

“When it comes to books and friends, it is best to have only a few but all good ones.”
― Guillaume Musso

There will come a new post soon ! (I'm sick so I'm home, doing nothing)

Love of Lou!

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

A little bit of me.

Well, I told you last post that I will tell you why I'm blogging so little for the moment. There is a lot of things going on in my life, but it aren't excuses to not blog.

So, first of all: school life was beginning again. Not anymore that just chill begin of school where you are really doing nothing, just talking with friends and having fun. No, that hard life where you have like thousands things to learn, hunderds papers and schoolworks to make and ten books you have to read for the next week. And some of them are really boring and learn you nothing interesting. 

Than, you have a day with school called "Zuiddag", where you have to find a dayjob and the wage you receive is for charity. This money will pay a Theatre for the children inthe Gaza so they can learn to express them self with drama. Finding that job was really an hard work. I tried to work in the hydrothérapy for dogs but they said there is no work for one day. Than, I tried to work in the hypothérapy (which is learning horseriding to disabled childs) but they didn't accept me either for a stupid reason. I also sollicitated in the Muntpunt Bib in Brussels, I don't know who they have finally accepted, but it doesn't matter to me,because I've finally being accepted by someone! I will work in the chocolatery, Valentino, that isn't very far for me. I will work at the production and packing of the chocolats. I will try to take pics there and say how it was!

Shortly, I also won a saddle for horseriding. When I went to Normandy, I also went to the World Equestrian Games that happened there and I've participated to an contest for winning something. You know, you answered the questions without really thinking youcould win that. Well, there is one person who won that contest,in the whole world, and... It is me! So, yeah it is like searching which one I want (I may chose in their whole collection), what I need to buy to make it perfect,... It is maybe extra work, but damn I'm so happy!

And then, last, I'm searching a winter jacket. Damn, it is hard! I want to find a stylish one and really don't know which I want so, yeah, I'm searching on like all the sites of every shop I like for a jacket but really don't know what I want... if you have any advice, you can always leave a comment below!

Well, this was the last. I hope you don't find it terrible that it is just an post about me.. What's going on in your life ? 

Love of Lou!

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Quote of the week #7

Finally, I'm here again!
I know lately I don't spend loads of time blogging en posting, but sorry, I have really too much work for school, things to do outside school and I really don't find the time for it... I will probably write a post about why I blog so little.

Now, I found this little quote when I was reading "The Fault In Our Stars" of John Green and yeah, I had to admit that everything that was said is true. Surely the part about the chocolate! :D

“Without pain, how could we know joy?' This is an old argument in the field of thinking about suffering and its stupidity and lack of sophistication could be plumbed for centuries but suffice it to say that the existence of broccoli does not, in any way, affect the taste of chocolate.” -John Green

What do you think about this quote?
I hope I will blog soon again!

Love of Lou!

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Photography in Normandy

Today, nothing about make-up, beauty or fashion. I wanna tell you about something a little bit different, another passion I have than make-up and fashion, namely photography.  When I was young, I liked to look at beautiful pictures and hoping one day I will shoot pictures like that. So, I told you that I went to Normandy some weeks ago ( in this previous post ) and I took some pictures which I'm really proud of.

They are taken in Normandy, like I told, in a region where happened the landing of Normandy or the D-Day. So, it is full of war memories or memorials forthe Great War. 

(This is taken in the streets of Arromanches, I loved these Flags who are hanging over the whole street)
(This is near the beach, You can see the sea on it. )

(There is really a village that is called " The War", I took a selfie near this board but it Looks horrible :p)
(I don't know where it was but that view, I'm still loving it!)
(This is like the next pictures taken at the Ohama beach's Memorial. Beautifullest Memorial I have Ever seen!)

(The last picture is taken at the beach near my camping, the Sky was beautiful, it was a nice walk we took with the family. It is more a memory picture than really a beautiful one)

 What do you think about my pictures ? What do I have to change To make them better?
Every tip is welcome!

Love of Lou!