Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Photography in Normandy

Today, nothing about make-up, beauty or fashion. I wanna tell you about something a little bit different, another passion I have than make-up and fashion, namely photography.  When I was young, I liked to look at beautiful pictures and hoping one day I will shoot pictures like that. So, I told you that I went to Normandy some weeks ago ( in this previous post ) and I took some pictures which I'm really proud of.

They are taken in Normandy, like I told, in a region where happened the landing of Normandy or the D-Day. So, it is full of war memories or memorials forthe Great War. 

(This is taken in the streets of Arromanches, I loved these Flags who are hanging over the whole street)
(This is near the beach, You can see the sea on it. )

(There is really a village that is called " The War", I took a selfie near this board but it Looks horrible :p)
(I don't know where it was but that view, I'm still loving it!)
(This is like the next pictures taken at the Ohama beach's Memorial. Beautifullest Memorial I have Ever seen!)

(The last picture is taken at the beach near my camping, the Sky was beautiful, it was a nice walk we took with the family. It is more a memory picture than really a beautiful one)

 What do you think about my pictures ? What do I have to change To make them better?
Every tip is welcome!

Love of Lou!


  1. Beautiful pictures, too bad there wasn't any sun.

  2. Well, honestly itwas bad for my holidays but otherwise, if it was too sunny, the pictures wouldn't be so beautiful I think, because it isn't the atmosphere of that place