Wednesday, 8 October 2014

A little bit of me.

Well, I told you last post that I will tell you why I'm blogging so little for the moment. There is a lot of things going on in my life, but it aren't excuses to not blog.

So, first of all: school life was beginning again. Not anymore that just chill begin of school where you are really doing nothing, just talking with friends and having fun. No, that hard life where you have like thousands things to learn, hunderds papers and schoolworks to make and ten books you have to read for the next week. And some of them are really boring and learn you nothing interesting. 

Than, you have a day with school called "Zuiddag", where you have to find a dayjob and the wage you receive is for charity. This money will pay a Theatre for the children inthe Gaza so they can learn to express them self with drama. Finding that job was really an hard work. I tried to work in the hydrothérapy for dogs but they said there is no work for one day. Than, I tried to work in the hypothérapy (which is learning horseriding to disabled childs) but they didn't accept me either for a stupid reason. I also sollicitated in the Muntpunt Bib in Brussels, I don't know who they have finally accepted, but it doesn't matter to me,because I've finally being accepted by someone! I will work in the chocolatery, Valentino, that isn't very far for me. I will work at the production and packing of the chocolats. I will try to take pics there and say how it was!

Shortly, I also won a saddle for horseriding. When I went to Normandy, I also went to the World Equestrian Games that happened there and I've participated to an contest for winning something. You know, you answered the questions without really thinking youcould win that. Well, there is one person who won that contest,in the whole world, and... It is me! So, yeah it is like searching which one I want (I may chose in their whole collection), what I need to buy to make it perfect,... It is maybe extra work, but damn I'm so happy!

And then, last, I'm searching a winter jacket. Damn, it is hard! I want to find a stylish one and really don't know which I want so, yeah, I'm searching on like all the sites of every shop I like for a jacket but really don't know what I want... if you have any advice, you can always leave a comment below!

Well, this was the last. I hope you don't find it terrible that it is just an post about me.. What's going on in your life ? 

Love of Lou!

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