Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Plog #1 (Shopping Ghent - Zuiddag 2014 - excursion Cap Blanc Nez/Cap Gris Nez)

So, today I wanna try something because, I think my quote of the week is kind of boring...
I have done a lot of things this weeks that I don't do normally.

After being 2 days sick in my bed, I finally can came out of my house and we hadn't school so... my mom took us (my sisters and me) going for a shop in Ghent. My sister Nele and me reaally needed a wintercoat (like I said it in my previous post). I drunk a Starbucks Frapuccinno Caramel, which was very delicious! I found a coat in the first shop, the Pink Pastel Coat of the H&M, but have looked ALL the shops to be sure it was that I want. (I know I am a difficult one, but now I'm pretty sure it is the one I wanted!) It was such a nice afternoon!

16 - 10 -2014
Today, it was the "Zuiddag 2014", the day where you go work for one day and the wage you win is for helping youngs in the Gaza. I went to the Chocolatery "Valentino" at 8.00 am. When I arrived there, they give me an apron and took me to the place I've to work. I thought I had probably to work with Chocolate.. but no, I had to sorting the Christmas decoration of the shops... kind of boring job but I saw some nice christmas stuff!

17 -10 -2014
This day, we went on an excursion with school to France. First of all we were going to visite the museum "La Coupole" which is about the WO II. And then, we went eating in Wiméreux, where I eat a delicious piece of cake made with apples.
After that, we went to the "Cap Gris Nez"... a beautiful view, nice little ways (where we get lost with my friends), and an apart but lovely beach.
And, to end the day, we finally went to "Cap Blanc Nez"... I liked it ! Beautiful beach with stones in the beginning, like high "mountains" around it, ... We've walked on that beach like an hour, and then went back.

I really loved this day !
I hope you liked, it's a little bit a change and I hope it is appreciated !
Love of Lou!


  1. Good to hear you're feeling better and had a fun day in Ghent!

  2. It seems like a nice excursion. Those are the good days of school!

  3. Yeah, it really was awesome! The one you will always remember !