Wednesday, 21 May 2014

The fault in our stars.

Today I finally finished "The fault in our stars".
I was a little bit scared about how it will end, so I took a very long time to finish it.
It was my first English book I read that wasn't one for school. Normally, I read them in French or in Dutch. But after this, I think I'm never gonna read a book again that is translated.

I like this book a lot. When I asked my mom to buy it for me, it was because I saw it a lot on the internet and friends of me told me it was the best story they have read. So I began, and found it so a typical story in the begin. But I continued, and I wanted that Hazel and Gus were together, that Van Houtem write a new book,... It was so an absorbing story that I just cannot stop reading.
And then, you feel the end was coming. But I didn't wanna that this story will stop, so I just have set the book away from me stop reading during a week of two. And yeah, I saw it lying there, and then I thought "I have to finish it". Honestly I think I have cried :p It was so a sad end but still a beautiful one...
And now, I think too that it was the most beautiful book I ever read.

Have you read "The fault in our stars? What were your emotions?

Love of Lou!

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Presents from Africa.

Not so long time ago, we went to a dinner at the godmother of my little sister. She travels a  lot and most of the time, in Africa.
We've received a lot of presents that cames from Madagascar, Egypt,..
This are 3 things I love the most, which 2 are for me.

The thing above the casket is a little beauty case from a (fake) crocodile hide. It's really small but so handy for travelling.
The casket is a present for my mother but I found it so lovely! I've need loads of time to open it but, finally you just have to shuffle a little thing to open it. But still, I want one like this too!
And the last thing is a necklace from Madagascar. I find it wonderful! It's an original necklace, who isn't heavy and really comfortable to wear.
So, I hope you enjoy it and if you're going to travel somewhere in Africa, you know there's a lot of beautiful things ! :)
Love of Lou

Saturday, 10 May 2014

A little presentation.

Hello everybody,

I'm going to present myself for opening this blog.
I'm a little girl of 16 years, living in Belgium (So, sorry for my bad English) .
My hobbies are horse riding, dancing and photography.
I'm also passionate about fashion, make-up, etc and that's the reason why I make this blog.
I want to share with this blog my passion, my make-up experiences, my hauls, and more.
I hope you enjoy and don't hesitate, leave a comment :)

Love of Lou