Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Presents from Africa.

Not so long time ago, we went to a dinner at the godmother of my little sister. She travels a  lot and most of the time, in Africa.
We've received a lot of presents that cames from Madagascar, Egypt,..
This are 3 things I love the most, which 2 are for me.

The thing above the casket is a little beauty case from a (fake) crocodile hide. It's really small but so handy for travelling.
The casket is a present for my mother but I found it so lovely! I've need loads of time to open it but, finally you just have to shuffle a little thing to open it. But still, I want one like this too!
And the last thing is a necklace from Madagascar. I find it wonderful! It's an original necklace, who isn't heavy and really comfortable to wear.
So, I hope you enjoy it and if you're going to travel somewhere in Africa, you know there's a lot of beautiful things ! :)
Love of Lou

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