Sunday, 21 December 2014

Preparation Christmas and New Year

Hello everyone!

So, in a few days it is going to be Christmas and we all have to wear fancy clothes, looking perfect and feeling perfect.

And that's why, I'm searching since a while on the internet and other blogs what I can do to feel me more confident and to feel me good in my partyclothes.

8 Tips to preparate it well.

1. Begin your day sportive. Do some push ups, squats, sit ups,... in the morning. You always going to feel you better the rest of the day if you've done some exercises to begin your day. Feeling better during a day makes you more confident.

2. Eat always 3 meals and don't eat between them. It is from those snacks you thickens.

3. Drink a lot of water. Drink some before eating your meal.

4. Try to not eat a lot of sugar, drink a lot of alcohol and coffee and don't smoke. It is really bad for your body.

5. I've read that when you have some puffiness, you have to put your face in a bowl with ice cold water during the time you can do it. Normally, it is going to dissapear but I don't know if it really works, so if you tested it say me the result ? :)

6. If you haven't done some exercises in the morning ( or even if you have), you can always do some excercises for a flat stomach and losing (eventually) love handles. This is a video, I really liked of a Fab Life with some excercises I still do.  
I think they say to do 20x leg extensions (my favourite one), 20x leg twist and 20x bicycle crunches. It is really easy and it's the first time that I see reallyy a difference

 7. Eat fruits and vegetables. Maybe you don't realise it how much difference it is. It makes you feel confident and good in your body. It is the natural feeling-good miracle.

8. Go sleep early and wake up early. It is a good slogan, but damn it is hard... I'm always blogging hours in the evening or just being on the internet and mostly I realise at 1h am that it's already so late... I'm trying it is still not my thing waking up early.

 So, I hope my tips will help you.

Q: What have you done to preparate Christmas?

Love Of Lou!

Monday, 15 December 2014

Winter Fun in Brussels!

Hello guys!

So, Saturday the 6th, I was still studying after a week of hard work and examens. My mom said it was maybe a good idea to do something ohter in the evening, that I needed to go outside of my room. So, I went with the whole family to the Winter Fun in Brussels.

It was nice, there was like a lot of lights in trees, on the buildings, ...
The christmas market was also nice, there was some originals little shops etc.
The Grand Place had an whole play with lights, with music. (You can see it on the picture of the tower I took).

But damn, that crowd... It is nothing for me, I don't like being between thousand people, pushed,..

This is the pictures I took, I kind of like them.

What do you think of them?

Love of Lou!

Friday, 21 November 2014

The night of the Hunger Games!


Well, it's some days ago that it happened, but I'm still so excited about it... last sunday my dad said to me "Lou, you better have to study all your homework for wednesday, because tuesday, you won't have the time for it." I was like, what ? What's going to happen? "Yeah, you know mom and your sister are going to the night of the hunger games? I've taken a thirth ticket for you."

So yeah, I was sooo excited! I already went to The Twilight night ( the one when the 3th film came out and the one with 4th) and I liked these nights so much.

So immediately after school, I've prepared me and we went searching the other people who went with us and then, we went direction the Kinepolis of Brussels. There, there was like a lot of people at the entrance. You received like a little bracelet (I really find it fancy: it have like flames and it's nice to wear), a poster, a redbull for surviving the night and you're tickets for the three films.

Then, the first film started, who I've already had seen it like 100 times. I still like that film, you can just like watch it thousand and thousand of times and be surprised in the scary moments and think waaw... it is such a beautiful film. After that, we received a little pause and then we begin again with the second one. I had seen this one in two parts so, seeing him in one time is kind of different? I like him, I still like the story but it isn't as good as the firs one.

And then, the third: Mockingjay Part I. Damn, I liked it! I was like, maybe it will e boring because it is just like an introduction of the part II, there's nothing exceptional that will happen then... But, no damn... the story was as beautiful as in the books, the filming was so great, the actors were so good! I love the decors also a lot, they were like better than I imagined they will be. A new personage who I liked a lot is Cressida, played by Nathalie Dormer. She was amazing, cool and her hair is just amazing, with all those tattoos. The personages I still love a lot, are Effie Trinket (under her fakeness, she's a lovely person), Katniss (ofcourse, but I like her here more than in the second film) and Gale Hawthorne (For all those who loved him a lot, he's like much sexier in this film than in all the rest). I was a little bit disappointed that Peeta isn't much coming in the movie, but yeah, next movie more ? And we have ended this night, at 2.30 am wednesday. You can imagine how I was at school the next day?

But I'm still so happy to be at that night!
Q: Did you see the movie? What did you find of it?

Love of Lou!

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Review Gone Girl!

Hello Guys!

Omg, it has been so long time ago! I'm just so sorry that I haven't written for a while, but I really didn't know what to post..

And today, I finally found something to write! I went to the cinema for watching the film "Gone Girl" that I really really wanted to see. It is a film by David Fincher based on a roman of Gillian Flynn.

Everthing begins when on the fifth birthday of his marriage, Nick Dunn (Ben Affleck) realised that his wife Amy (Rosamund Pike) was missing. First, the media saw him as the ideal man, who was really depressed about losing his wife. But when they found out that their marriage was based of lies and cheating, they saw him more like the killer of his wife. Also, every trace the cops found lead to him...

The film was based on a good story, I find, and I really liked Anna's plan but sometimes it was a little bit fade. It was a thriller, but there weren't enough times when I was really scared. I just hope the thriller will be a little bit more intense. And also, I think the end is so weird and abrupt. But, after reading there will come a second part of the film, I better understand that abrupt end.

I hope the second part will come soon!

Q: "Have you seen the movie? What did you thought of it?"

Love of Lou!

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Plog #1 (Shopping Ghent - Zuiddag 2014 - excursion Cap Blanc Nez/Cap Gris Nez)

So, today I wanna try something because, I think my quote of the week is kind of boring...
I have done a lot of things this weeks that I don't do normally.

After being 2 days sick in my bed, I finally can came out of my house and we hadn't school so... my mom took us (my sisters and me) going for a shop in Ghent. My sister Nele and me reaally needed a wintercoat (like I said it in my previous post). I drunk a Starbucks Frapuccinno Caramel, which was very delicious! I found a coat in the first shop, the Pink Pastel Coat of the H&M, but have looked ALL the shops to be sure it was that I want. (I know I am a difficult one, but now I'm pretty sure it is the one I wanted!) It was such a nice afternoon!

16 - 10 -2014
Today, it was the "Zuiddag 2014", the day where you go work for one day and the wage you win is for helping youngs in the Gaza. I went to the Chocolatery "Valentino" at 8.00 am. When I arrived there, they give me an apron and took me to the place I've to work. I thought I had probably to work with Chocolate.. but no, I had to sorting the Christmas decoration of the shops... kind of boring job but I saw some nice christmas stuff!

17 -10 -2014
This day, we went on an excursion with school to France. First of all we were going to visite the museum "La Coupole" which is about the WO II. And then, we went eating in Wiméreux, where I eat a delicious piece of cake made with apples.
After that, we went to the "Cap Gris Nez"... a beautiful view, nice little ways (where we get lost with my friends), and an apart but lovely beach.
And, to end the day, we finally went to "Cap Blanc Nez"... I liked it ! Beautiful beach with stones in the beginning, like high "mountains" around it, ... We've walked on that beach like an hour, and then went back.

I really loved this day !
I hope you liked, it's a little bit a change and I hope it is appreciated !
Love of Lou!

Monday, 13 October 2014

Quote of the week #8

Hey everyone!
I'm so sorry for this a little bit too late ost, but I was in France and I've been sick also...
I found this little quote (it is of one of my favourites authors, Guillaume Musso) and I liked it.
Just because, I realise that having a few friends is all you need and yeah, I read a lot of books but there is only a few that still really means something to me.

“When it comes to books and friends, it is best to have only a few but all good ones.”
― Guillaume Musso

There will come a new post soon ! (I'm sick so I'm home, doing nothing)

Love of Lou!

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

A little bit of me.

Well, I told you last post that I will tell you why I'm blogging so little for the moment. There is a lot of things going on in my life, but it aren't excuses to not blog.

So, first of all: school life was beginning again. Not anymore that just chill begin of school where you are really doing nothing, just talking with friends and having fun. No, that hard life where you have like thousands things to learn, hunderds papers and schoolworks to make and ten books you have to read for the next week. And some of them are really boring and learn you nothing interesting. 

Than, you have a day with school called "Zuiddag", where you have to find a dayjob and the wage you receive is for charity. This money will pay a Theatre for the children inthe Gaza so they can learn to express them self with drama. Finding that job was really an hard work. I tried to work in the hydrothérapy for dogs but they said there is no work for one day. Than, I tried to work in the hypothérapy (which is learning horseriding to disabled childs) but they didn't accept me either for a stupid reason. I also sollicitated in the Muntpunt Bib in Brussels, I don't know who they have finally accepted, but it doesn't matter to me,because I've finally being accepted by someone! I will work in the chocolatery, Valentino, that isn't very far for me. I will work at the production and packing of the chocolats. I will try to take pics there and say how it was!

Shortly, I also won a saddle for horseriding. When I went to Normandy, I also went to the World Equestrian Games that happened there and I've participated to an contest for winning something. You know, you answered the questions without really thinking youcould win that. Well, there is one person who won that contest,in the whole world, and... It is me! So, yeah it is like searching which one I want (I may chose in their whole collection), what I need to buy to make it perfect,... It is maybe extra work, but damn I'm so happy!

And then, last, I'm searching a winter jacket. Damn, it is hard! I want to find a stylish one and really don't know which I want so, yeah, I'm searching on like all the sites of every shop I like for a jacket but really don't know what I want... if you have any advice, you can always leave a comment below!

Well, this was the last. I hope you don't find it terrible that it is just an post about me.. What's going on in your life ? 

Love of Lou!

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Quote of the week #7

Finally, I'm here again!
I know lately I don't spend loads of time blogging en posting, but sorry, I have really too much work for school, things to do outside school and I really don't find the time for it... I will probably write a post about why I blog so little.

Now, I found this little quote when I was reading "The Fault In Our Stars" of John Green and yeah, I had to admit that everything that was said is true. Surely the part about the chocolate! :D

“Without pain, how could we know joy?' This is an old argument in the field of thinking about suffering and its stupidity and lack of sophistication could be plumbed for centuries but suffice it to say that the existence of broccoli does not, in any way, affect the taste of chocolate.” -John Green

What do you think about this quote?
I hope I will blog soon again!

Love of Lou!

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Photography in Normandy

Today, nothing about make-up, beauty or fashion. I wanna tell you about something a little bit different, another passion I have than make-up and fashion, namely photography.  When I was young, I liked to look at beautiful pictures and hoping one day I will shoot pictures like that. So, I told you that I went to Normandy some weeks ago ( in this previous post ) and I took some pictures which I'm really proud of.

They are taken in Normandy, like I told, in a region where happened the landing of Normandy or the D-Day. So, it is full of war memories or memorials forthe Great War. 

(This is taken in the streets of Arromanches, I loved these Flags who are hanging over the whole street)
(This is near the beach, You can see the sea on it. )

(There is really a village that is called " The War", I took a selfie near this board but it Looks horrible :p)
(I don't know where it was but that view, I'm still loving it!)
(This is like the next pictures taken at the Ohama beach's Memorial. Beautifullest Memorial I have Ever seen!)

(The last picture is taken at the beach near my camping, the Sky was beautiful, it was a nice walk we took with the family. It is more a memory picture than really a beautiful one)

 What do you think about my pictures ? What do I have to change To make them better?
Every tip is welcome!

Love of Lou!

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Quote of the week #6

Here I am again, with my quote of the week!
I found this one, and I thought it was a good one for me and for, I think, a lot of us.
Because, sometimes, life isn't easy and than a little quote like this gives you the power to continu.

"Rise and rise again until lambs become lion."
- Robin Hood

What did you think about it ? 

Love of Lou!

Thursday, 25 September 2014

New Hema & Essence Make up!

Not so long ago, I thought changing something in my make-up was needed. My make-up was since too long the same (same brands, same powders,..) So, I found it was time to change something, maybe something little but change it. So, I thought to change my concealer (and my eyeshadow but I have already presented my eyeshadow: Metal Liquid Eyeshadow).
 I went to the "Hema" and "Kruidvat" (I like those shops for their make-up, they are'n't expensive and the quality is GREAT! I've bought all my first make-up there. I totally trust those shops) and searched for a new concealer and found two nice onces. Like I said, it wasn't expensive so I bought both of them. 

The first of them is the " 16h Concealer of Essence". It is my favourite one of them. It's like a little lipstick-stick, with that "crème" on it. When you put it on your skin, it's very easy and quick to spread it on your whole face. It also doesn't stick on you, you don't feel it anymore once it has spread. It hides your puffiness so good and stays a whole day, and really that  is what makesa concealer perfectIt costs not more than 3.- (I can't find the price anymore, sorry!) I like it!

The second one is a more complicated. It isn't that I don't like it, it's just a more difficult system of using it and that takes too much time in my opinion. You have to press on the little bottom so there comes a little bit of concealer on the brush. Sometimes you have to press several times for receiving enough concealer. And other times, you just press one time and there is too much of it. But the color is good and it doesn't stick on you also.
 It costs 5.-
Conclusion: I'm very happy having bought those two concealers, the first more than the second one but they are really recommended!

Love of Lou!

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Quote of the week #5

Hellooo everyone! 

Today, my quote of the week is one I really needed this week... It's one of my favourite Youtubers (which you saw in a previous post). that tweeted it. 

It's maybe not the most beautifull one, but it's so true... and that's what made me like it. He perfectly knows about what he's talking and changed it... So, this week I've read this quote a lot and changed what I could change. 

So, maybe it could even help you...At least I hope so!

Love Of Lou!

Monday, 15 September 2014

Catrice: Gold 'n Roses Liquid Metal Eyeshadow

I saw recently this eyeshadow of Catrice, the Gold 'n Roses (020) Liquid Metal eyeshadow , and it immediatly stand me out ! It is a gold shiny eyeshadow with a ros glow. That latest thing makes it really beautiful, classy and girly. I like it ! 
I bought it together with my Eyeliner pen, which I already have presented in an previous post.
It is still the best eyeliner I have ever had, so I'm gonna make a little collection of these :)

The Gold 'n Roses eyeshadow has also a little wave in it, with like a the pattern of the scales of a fish. It makes it more fancy than it already is.

When I tried, I was really satisfied because it is really the color like it is in the box. And it still rest the whole day ! I'm in love with it !

And that only for €3.99, so yeah, it is really a musthave!

I hope you enjoyed!

What did you think about the Liquid Metal Collection?

Love of Lou!

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Quote of The Week #4

Hey everyone!
Here I'm back with my quote of the week... and this week I've chosen one from my favourite series. I found it in the list of best quotations of Game of Thrones, and I have to admit... I think it's really something that you have to do. I'm still trying to accept mine.
“Once you’ve accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you.” 
― George R.R. Martin
What do you think about this quote?
Have a beautiful weekend!
Love of Lou !

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Favourites of August.

Hellooowww Guys!
How are you all?

Well, today I realised it's too long ago that I made a post about the Favourites of the Month. So, I thought it was a good idea to do one because I really like that!
First of all, I'm still loving my pink New Balance! Like I told you, I'm an animator in the vacantions and it's a "job" where you are all the time standing, occupated and you never have really the time to sit down with the childs. So, yes, a pair of comfortable shoes are inevitable. I needed this shoes the whole summer, and they are still looking really good!

After that, I used a lot two eyeshadows: the Catrice Absolute Nude palet and a palet of Terre Indienne. The first one, I already told you about it in a previous post, is really a must have for a natural and summer look. I use it a lot. The second one, I'm more using it to hide my pufiness. I haven't had the time to sleep a lot this holidays, and this eyeshadow hide it perfect!
This is maybe kind of weird, adding this one here, because it isn't really an object, but I'm doing it anyway.

My Thirth favourite is the Café Latté for Senseo. I've learned to drink coffee this vacations, with a lot of milk and sugar of course. And at home, we have a Senseo with a lot of different patches with different tastes. Before this, I always drunk the Cappucino Speculoos but the Café Latté is a little bit creamier and I prefer it that way. It's really something to try!

I haven't already told you about this, but yeah, since shortly I really wanted a handbag but not one like you bought in the "Pimkie" or "H&M" or a shop like that. I wanted one of real leather, from a brand of handbags. So, in July after working a week, I went to a handbag shop, looked to all the solds and liked two handbags one of  Esprit en one of ROCCOBAROCCO. The first one was more like an (nonchalante) handbag and the second a silver classy handbag. I found that the second one was perfectly what I was searching for. So, I bought this lovely silver handbag of ROCCOBAROCCO.
 I love it a lot ! (A picture will come later)

What are your favourites of this month?

Love of Lou!