Thursday, 25 September 2014

New Hema & Essence Make up!

Not so long ago, I thought changing something in my make-up was needed. My make-up was since too long the same (same brands, same powders,..) So, I found it was time to change something, maybe something little but change it. So, I thought to change my concealer (and my eyeshadow but I have already presented my eyeshadow: Metal Liquid Eyeshadow).
 I went to the "Hema" and "Kruidvat" (I like those shops for their make-up, they are'n't expensive and the quality is GREAT! I've bought all my first make-up there. I totally trust those shops) and searched for a new concealer and found two nice onces. Like I said, it wasn't expensive so I bought both of them. 

The first of them is the " 16h Concealer of Essence". It is my favourite one of them. It's like a little lipstick-stick, with that "crème" on it. When you put it on your skin, it's very easy and quick to spread it on your whole face. It also doesn't stick on you, you don't feel it anymore once it has spread. It hides your puffiness so good and stays a whole day, and really that  is what makesa concealer perfectIt costs not more than 3.- (I can't find the price anymore, sorry!) I like it!

The second one is a more complicated. It isn't that I don't like it, it's just a more difficult system of using it and that takes too much time in my opinion. You have to press on the little bottom so there comes a little bit of concealer on the brush. Sometimes you have to press several times for receiving enough concealer. And other times, you just press one time and there is too much of it. But the color is good and it doesn't stick on you also.
 It costs 5.-
Conclusion: I'm very happy having bought those two concealers, the first more than the second one but they are really recommended!

Love of Lou!


  1. The first concealer looks great :)

  2. Vooral van de eerste heb ik al vele positieve dingen gehoord!

    1. De eerste is echt geweldig, en spijtig genoeg al op.. Het is echt een geweldige!