Monday, 15 September 2014

Catrice: Gold 'n Roses Liquid Metal Eyeshadow

I saw recently this eyeshadow of Catrice, the Gold 'n Roses (020) Liquid Metal eyeshadow , and it immediatly stand me out ! It is a gold shiny eyeshadow with a ros glow. That latest thing makes it really beautiful, classy and girly. I like it ! 
I bought it together with my Eyeliner pen, which I already have presented in an previous post.
It is still the best eyeliner I have ever had, so I'm gonna make a little collection of these :)

The Gold 'n Roses eyeshadow has also a little wave in it, with like a the pattern of the scales of a fish. It makes it more fancy than it already is.

When I tried, I was really satisfied because it is really the color like it is in the box. And it still rest the whole day ! I'm in love with it !

And that only for €3.99, so yeah, it is really a musthave!

I hope you enjoyed!

What did you think about the Liquid Metal Collection?

Love of Lou!