Monday, 25 April 2016

10 km of Brussels 2016!

Hey guys!

Yesterday, my little sister and I participated to the 10 km of Brussels. We decided 2 or 3 months ago to redo the challenge and retry it and hopefully do it better than last year.

Last year, it was really a big challenge because we didn't knew that it was that hard, that you needed ore than motivation,... We finished it in 1 hour and 8 minutes (I did) and my sister in 1 hour and 9 minutes.

This year, the weather was really awfull till it started, than suddenly the sun shined till 5 minutes away from the end, lucky us!

We both did it in an hours and 2 minutes but less dead than last year, we we're prepared to that!

I'm really proud of us and surely thankfull to my little sister who helped me having the motivation till the end!

There was this awesome place after the run, I thought I found heaven for a few minutes.

This was the mascotte of the year, I kinda love it, like you can see it.

Love of Lou!

Saturday, 20 February 2016

CityTrip: London 2016 - part 1

Hey guys!

If you had read my last blogpost, you probably know that I just came back from London! I dreamt about it since I'm back from the last time and it was even better!

Friday, the 5th February, I received my points (who where a little deception, sadly) and then I was preparing me to go with a good friend to London!

We took a train to Bruxelles-Midi in the morning (round 11 AM) and arrived there more than an hour in advance... Luckily! Enough time to check all our social media, to pass all those checks, .. And then, on the train to the city of Dreams!
When we arrived, we took the tube to our lovely hotel (near the Tower Bridge) but we accidently took the one to the London Bridge so we had to walk the whole Queen's Walk with our bagages..
Hard walk and happy to arrive finally at our hotel! Because we took a lot of time to get there, we just dropped our bagages, admired our hotelroom and get immediatly back outside.

We began to visite The Queen's walk (properly this time), Tower of London and Tower Bridge, Borough Market, Shakespeare's Globe, Millenium Bridge, Tate Modern and St Pauls Cathedrale.

Borough Market was really cute, like a little intern Market with a lot of food, so we stopped and eat something (we weren't really hungry but we wanted to try a lot of English or weird things)
After that we visited Tate Modern, what I really wanted to do since the last time because a lot of people talked about it and it seem to be awesome. And really, this was probably one of the hightlights of the trip, I was like a little child receiving presents from Santa! It was so wonderful, so magic ... I didn't even knew I liked Modern Art that much.

 After that, we took the bus to Aldwych, the place to be for Musicals becauseeee we were going to watch Mamma Miaaaa! We had to be there before 19.45 for our tickets, so we took our tickets and went to Covent Garden till the begin of the Musical.

Covent Garden was dynamic like every night: artists in the hall, shoppings still open, cute little shops in Covent, Apple store still alive,... We found a little cute shops who sell a lot of tea's and hot chocolate. I thought I would buy the whole store!
After our little tour here, we went back to the Novello Theatre for the musical. Sadly, we weren't alowed to take pictures there. It was so lovely and good, if all musicals where like that, well, I'll went more to it!

After the musical, we had to went back to our hotel by taking bus 15 but we had like the feeling that we were waiting that bus FOR EVER, but after an halfhour (yes, normally they're there every 5 min, but not that day) he finally cames and we went finally back to our hotel. It was a hard day but already full of memories, full of laughs and good moments!

 Do you want to know what happened the day after? Stay tuned because part 2 is coming soon!

What did you think about it ? I hope you liked it! x

Love of Lou!

P.S. find my video about London here.

Monday, 14 December 2015

Back to The City of Dreams!

Hey everyone!

I'm really excited and motivated to study since yesterday evening becauseeeeee yesterday I booked my Thalys, hotel and a musical for LONDON! Finally I'm going back to that city that still have my heart.

The first time I went there was when I was 12 between Christmas and New Year. I went with an organisation, called Topvakantie, and my best friend of then. It was totally magic and I was so in love with that city.

Last time I went to London was 2 years ago with my family after my exams in the summer. It were 3 perfect days! A real dream...

Since then, the only thing I want is going back but never had the chance (nobody wanted, not enough money, not the good time,...). And not so long ago I was talking to a friend who said to me "I want to do a citytrip, I think it would be fun" so then we decided to go to London.
The hardest choice is, I think, still the one of which dates are we going? First we wanted to go 4 days, but my points from my exams those days online and I didn't want to be in London then... So we finally decided to go the 5th of February till the 7th.

Our Hotel is also totally amazing! It's placed near the Tower Bridge, just before the "Girl with a Dolfin" statue and on the back we have a Starbucks, perfect for every morning!

And then, the last thing: I'm going finally to a Musical in London. That's also a thing I really wanted to do and it's one I wanted to see the most: Mamma Mia.

So, I'm going to quit you with this beautiful news, hope you liked. The coming weeks I'm probably posting a little bit more because I'm studying at home for my exams.
( A picture of me taken by my sister in the apartment we were)

Love of Lou!

Monday, 7 December 2015


Hey you!

So, yesterday was the day that most of the Dutch kids wait a whole year : 6th of Decembre when Sinterklaas comes! I realised that it's only a tradition in the Netherlands/Belgium/... and find it very sad that not every kid could have that great day. (For the people who don't know what it is: Sinterklaas is a old man who comes every year to bring every kid a present if they were gentle that year)

This year, like all the years before, I received some presents that I wanna share with you.

The first one is a little bracelet with a bit (for a horse) totally in leather. I was looking for one like this since a while and this one is just so classic and classy, I love it!

The second one is Hollister Jogging in pink. First of all I think what? I don't use that kind of things ... But my mom said "yeah, I thought it was a good idea, now that you'll be studying all day, it's more comfi and still fancy" and indeed! Since yesterday, I don't wear a jean or a legging but that jogging!

The third one is a Cotton Bag from The Brussels Corner. I have done some shootings for The Brussels Corner a while ago, and I really love that one bag! I wanted a cotton bag also so this was the perfect match!

The last one and the best one is... A Pink Fluffy Unicorn CherryStone ! That was also a present I first thought what?! A teddybear ? But then I saw what it was and damn I was immediatly in love with it!

This were my presents for this year, what about you? Do you also celebrate Sinterklaas?

Love of Lou!

Monday, 30 November 2015

Girl online: Hidden behind a Blog.

Hi guys!

As you may maybe know, I'm a great Youtuber & Vlogger fan.They are great inspiration for my Instagram and also the reason why I'm doing this. I love watching them doing stupid things, talking about life & become bigger one by one. This last one is proved by this blogpost: Zoella wrote a book (and since shortly also a second).

I received the book for my birthday from some friends (I swear, still one of the best present ever) and I reread, reread and reread it again!

The book is talking about a girl, Penny, who's holding a blog to share her most shameful, nicest,etc moments. Nobody knows she is the "GirlOnline". After a big misstep (falling in front of a crowd with her underwear showed), her parents decided to celebrate Christmas in New York. Her mother has to organise a wedding there. Penny met a boy, Noah, with who she's immediatly in love with. She describes the whole love story on her blog. But that love story could be the end of her cover on her blog and the end of her closest, dearest friendship.

In the beginning, I had a little bit hard with reading it, I found it very childish and thought "nah, it's gonna be a typical little girl story" but when I start a book, I Always end it. So did I here, and the last 200 pages where read in just an evening... Once she was in New York, it all began to be exciting and interesting. Penny, the funny one, I think most of the people love her because they can recognise them in her (who didn't do a misstep ever in his life he will never forget?) and that is why I found her the perfect GirlOnline. Noah is the perfect bookboy, the one every girl wants to meet. Romantic, surprising,.. Perfect! And then you have Elliott, the best friend of Penny, my favourite personage. He's the one who helped Penny up, a funny one,.. He gives the story those little "extras" why you love it a little bit more.

Did you read it (Girlonline or GirlOnline On tour) ? What's your opinion of it?

Love of Lou!

Monday, 23 November 2015

My Starbucks'mug collection!

Hi guys!

The ones who follow me on Instagram do probably know that I'm in love with mugs from the Starbucks. My dad went to 2 work trips and he Always bringing us back some little souvenirs from the place he went. He also know that it's very hard to make me happy with a typical souvenir and that I'm totally loving Starbucks, he began to bring me back some mugs of it from the places he has been. And I must admit, that's sooooo much better than a typical souvenur!

So this is my tiny little collection, that hopefully will getting bigger:

1. A closed mug from Russia.
This one is probably the one I use the most. He came back with it saying it will be so easy for me to take my coffee with me when I have to leave home early in the morning. First, I thought, yeah for sure, I'm not taking my coffee with me, but when you have to leave home at 6 AM, I found this one a treasure!

It's looking great, I love that typical Russian doll, the colors are also beautiful.It's also closable (a point that you find the advantages once you use this kind of mugs). The only disadvantage of this mug is that it doesn't hold your drink warm.. Really regrettable, otherwise it would have been perfect!

2. A Christmas mug from Berlin.
My favourite one! My dad brought it back from Berlin and I just totallly love it. Even if you can bought it here and stuff. It's making Christmas coming closer...

There is one big disadvantage: the handle is really slim and fragile. I think it's gonna break too early :(

3. The basic Starbucks mug (from Bruges).
This one I didn't receive from my dad but friends of my parents who wanted to thanks my parents (and so also us, my sisters and I), they all give us some presents. Mine was a basic Starbucks mug, the first one ever. I have this one since a year I think, and my parents begin to know I'm really grumpy in the morning if I don't have my coffee in a Starbucks mug.

Q: Do you have a favourite brand of mugs or some Starbucks mug? Let me know!

Love of Lou!



Friday, 20 November 2015

My New Student Life

Hi Guys!

Maybe some of you will know that since Septembre I begin a new chapter of my studentlife: I'm an university student now.
On the end of the 6th grade everybody Always asked me: What do you want to do in life? Do you have made your choice? Are you sure it is the good one? But I was pretty sure of my choice: since 2 years I wanted to study Physiotherapy.

So in the end of Septembre I begin this study in Ghent. I will alwyas remember that first day of university: my lessons began on 1 PM, I thought "Hell yeah, I like that!". But as Always, I wasn't on time. I didn't find a parking for my car on the station, so I missed my train and I would be too late in the introduction part and I had to find my auditory. When I finally arrived there, I didn't find anyone I knew. It was such a terrible, lonely day. I totally didn't want to go back again.

Now, things changed, luckily! I find some people back I know from my previous school, I met some nice people and made some friends. I know where to park my car now and I'm better planned than that first day!
Some days, when my lessons begin at 8 and half AM, I have to wake up at 5 and half AM. Otherdays, I come out of the auditory and it begins already to be dark outside. Other days I do one and a half hour back and one and a half hour forth for just one lesson, that I really cannot miss.
Nevertheless, even if it's hard and I don't know if I'm going to pass, I'm happy with the choice I made and I hope it's going to work.

Q: How was your back to school?

I hope you enjoyed this little post today, that's kind of different of normally, and if I don't post a lot the last time, it is because I have really no time because of school.

Love of Lou!