Monday, 23 November 2015

My Starbucks'mug collection!

Hi guys!

The ones who follow me on Instagram do probably know that I'm in love with mugs from the Starbucks. My dad went to 2 work trips and he Always bringing us back some little souvenirs from the place he went. He also know that it's very hard to make me happy with a typical souvenir and that I'm totally loving Starbucks, he began to bring me back some mugs of it from the places he has been. And I must admit, that's sooooo much better than a typical souvenur!

So this is my tiny little collection, that hopefully will getting bigger:

1. A closed mug from Russia.
This one is probably the one I use the most. He came back with it saying it will be so easy for me to take my coffee with me when I have to leave home early in the morning. First, I thought, yeah for sure, I'm not taking my coffee with me, but when you have to leave home at 6 AM, I found this one a treasure!

It's looking great, I love that typical Russian doll, the colors are also beautiful.It's also closable (a point that you find the advantages once you use this kind of mugs). The only disadvantage of this mug is that it doesn't hold your drink warm.. Really regrettable, otherwise it would have been perfect!

2. A Christmas mug from Berlin.
My favourite one! My dad brought it back from Berlin and I just totallly love it. Even if you can bought it here and stuff. It's making Christmas coming closer...

There is one big disadvantage: the handle is really slim and fragile. I think it's gonna break too early :(

3. The basic Starbucks mug (from Bruges).
This one I didn't receive from my dad but friends of my parents who wanted to thanks my parents (and so also us, my sisters and I), they all give us some presents. Mine was a basic Starbucks mug, the first one ever. I have this one since a year I think, and my parents begin to know I'm really grumpy in the morning if I don't have my coffee in a Starbucks mug.

Q: Do you have a favourite brand of mugs or some Starbucks mug? Let me know!

Love of Lou!




  1. Ik ben zelf ook dol op mokken. Elke vakantie breng ik me er wel ééntje (of twee haha) mee.
    Die kerstmok is super mooi! Zou ik ook gekocht hebben ;)

    1. ahahah, jaah ik denk dat ik echt later kasten vol zal hebben met enkel mokken. Dankje wel! (Hij is overal verkrijgbaar hoor, ook op hun site)