Friday, 20 November 2015

My New Student Life

Hi Guys!

Maybe some of you will know that since Septembre I begin a new chapter of my studentlife: I'm an university student now.
On the end of the 6th grade everybody Always asked me: What do you want to do in life? Do you have made your choice? Are you sure it is the good one? But I was pretty sure of my choice: since 2 years I wanted to study Physiotherapy.

So in the end of Septembre I begin this study in Ghent. I will alwyas remember that first day of university: my lessons began on 1 PM, I thought "Hell yeah, I like that!". But as Always, I wasn't on time. I didn't find a parking for my car on the station, so I missed my train and I would be too late in the introduction part and I had to find my auditory. When I finally arrived there, I didn't find anyone I knew. It was such a terrible, lonely day. I totally didn't want to go back again.

Now, things changed, luckily! I find some people back I know from my previous school, I met some nice people and made some friends. I know where to park my car now and I'm better planned than that first day!
Some days, when my lessons begin at 8 and half AM, I have to wake up at 5 and half AM. Otherdays, I come out of the auditory and it begins already to be dark outside. Other days I do one and a half hour back and one and a half hour forth for just one lesson, that I really cannot miss.
Nevertheless, even if it's hard and I don't know if I'm going to pass, I'm happy with the choice I made and I hope it's going to work.

Q: How was your back to school?

I hope you enjoyed this little post today, that's kind of different of normally, and if I don't post a lot the last time, it is because I have really no time because of school.

Love of Lou!


  1. Op mijn allereerste schooldag op Ugent was ik ook te laat, met als gevolg had, net als jij, de introductie gemist..
    Maar door de hele studeerervaring vergeet je deze eerste schooldagblunder snel ;)

    1. Ahaha ben dus toch niet de enige! Jaah, gelukkig, als ik er nu aan denk vind ik het best wel grappig!