Monday, 26 October 2015

Travel || Corsica 2015 - Part 3.

Hey you!

Here we are again, beginning with the moment we discoverd Porto Vecchio. It was a beautiful city, I loved it! There was an citadel, who is higher and where you have an incredible view, and there is the port, with all his little restaurants, boats to hire, etc. Just lovely. (We went to this port like 2 times in the evening for an ice cream, I just loved the ambience that it had! ) Just one disadvantage: it was steep everywhere in this city. When you have to walk from one point of the city to another, it's like you have to climb a mountain, haha.

Next day, Boni Facio was on our planning. Seen as one of the biggest tourist cities, we began to visit it. Beautiful, also a little bit higher than the places around it, and with that view.... stunning! But, like a lot of cities in Corsica, there wasn't a lot to visit ...

Our last day in Rondinara we're going to ride till Alta Rocca to visit there a little bit of the villages with there typical Corsican culture. We've even visited a nice museum, who's name I don't know anymore I'm sorry. Big disappointment when we arrived in Sainte-Lucie de Tallano: there was like a lot to visit but everything was closed in Septembre :( Then we wanted to see Cuccurruzi, but you had to walk like 2 hours and we were afraid it wasn't worth it. So, we finally ended this day of long rides with a little walk along the natural pools of Zonza. I found this looking like a fairy tale...

Last stop before we went back was Calvi: the north of Corsica.
We took a long time to go from Rondinara to Calvi, I was mostly of the time asleep, again. Once there, we had a cute camping, Camping de Paduella. I really loved this one! Near everything, with not a lot of persons, perfect area,... Once installed, we went to the beach (it wasn't even 5 min walking). We were lying on the beach and then suddenly, the train passed near us, really weird ahah. They don't really understand it I think.

Next day, we were taking a look in l'Ile Rousse. It was still like a typical Corsican city: little Streets, shops everywhere, a church,... I liked it, but it was just feeling so the same at the end. We've also done here a really long walk till the headlight so I can take my pictures haha.

Last day of real holidays, and I've begin it really cool: I went for the first time in my life diving undersea. It was just magic! The city (Calvi) from seaside is so different but under the sea... waw! I saw a lot of fishes and also a red starfish. After this beautiful experience, we visited the city in a rush and then leave it again to go to Ajaccio, where it all beginned.

The day after, we left the Island and we were back on the continent. It was a beautiful city, a nice experience and a wonderful holiday!

Q: Did you ever went on holiday without your parents ? How was it?

Love of Lou!

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