Monday, 5 October 2015

Travel || Corsica 2015

Hi guys! So, I promised to make a post soon about my holidays in Corsica and I still haven't done it. What a shame.. Some months ago, a friend of mine told me she searched someone to go with her to Corscia. I searched since a few days a friend to go on holiday with without having an idea of which country I wanted to visit. When she told me that, I agreed going to Corsica with her without any idea of what kind of country Corsica was. But a country you haven't visit already has to be visit! So I asked people around me who has been there, what they have seen, what they thought of it,etc. A lot of people said it was amazing there, that the views are more than awesome and I would like it.

We began to organise the trip a little bit: booking the boat, searching the roads, finding some camping,... (Oh yeah, I forgot to tell: we wanted to do it all camping, just for fun) Only that was already a big deal for me because I always went on holiday with my parents organizing it (and if you know how good my mom can plan, you know I didn't have to think about planning).

And then, Saturday 5th of Septembre, we woke up early (on 4:00 AM!) and did Thousand and a little bit more kilometers, throught 5 countries to arrive in Nice (We have seen in one day: Belgium, France, Suisse, Italy and Luxembourg!) I slept a lot in the car, just woke up for eating and taking pictures, because there is no better place to sleep than in a car! Once arrived in Nice, we slept in a little Hotel, Ibis Budget for the night. The next day we woke up early enough to visit Nice before taking our boat to Corsica. I had never seen Nice before that's why I was happy that we finally visit it and I liked it! Beautiful Streets with cute little shops and a lot of people what give it a nice atmosphere! In the afternoon we left the continent and arrived in Ajaccio only in the evening. There we slept in a Original, artistic "Chambre d'Hôtes". The next day we visited Ajaccio, the city where Napoleon Bonaparte lived, and in the afternoon we immediatly went to Olmeto.

When we finally arrived in Olmeto, after riding in the most horrible, typical mountain ways, we installed ourself in our camping, Vigna Maggiore. Perfect swimpool, cute driveways with a lot of flowers and little, nice reception. Really a dreamcamping! After been totally installed, we enjoyed our nice swimpool with lovely view (and fresh water, finally!). The next day, we went visiting Propriano, who's literally the opposing mountain of Olmeto. Cute little city, with a lot of shops for tourists and at the end a beautiful beach! So, we ended our day on the beach of Propriano. Which was really nice because when we swom or snorkelled, you saw a lot of fishes just swimming next to you. When we were on our way back, we saw some promotions to make a boattrip to see the coasts of Corsica. They also told us that, somedays, we saw dauphins! So, we planned a trip for Thursday.

Q: Do you want to know how the boattrip was ? Do you want to know if we saw dauphins, how our trip ended?

Check my blog regulary and stay informed!

Love of Lou! x


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