Monday, 19 October 2015

Travel || Corsica 2015 ~ Part 2.

Hey guys!

So, here I'm back again. So we finished last time with saying that that one Saturday we went on a boattrip. Well, we woke up really early for holidays, like 7 PM. Once arrived there, I couldn't find my sun cream anymore (and knowing I can be in the sun for like 10 minutes and already look like a tomato, this was realllyyyy a problem). After searching and stressing, I finally found it in the bag of my friend. Yes, it was really early in the morning. Than, we installed ourself in the boat and begin the whole trip. It was wonderful, we saw a lot of beaches, natural or where tourists doesn't go. Also a lot of "Calanques'' (it are like rocks in the sea, where you can have some caves, etc.). We lunched at a lonely beach with a nice giant rock in front of us. Mostly of the people who where with us climbed it and so do I. Little, courageous me. Than in the afternoon, we visited still some nice and cute places. And then, we swim in some like transparant, blue water with fishes. Really crazy! We didn't really see a dolphin, just once the back of one... I hoped to see a whole group of it.

Next day, we went for a more cultural trip. We went to Sartène, seen as the most beautiful city of Corsica and also with a lot of cultural spots. First, we went to the museum there. Just to arrive there, it was like Climbing a mountain. Nice museum, but we needed to continu. So, we did a walk throught Sartène. It was a beautiful city, but for that calling it most beautiful city? Nah. Than, we continued to Cauria, a prehistoric city, called one of the most impressive of Corsica. Just to arrive there, we had to face like the end of the world: roads that aren't finished, places where there is just one house in the kilometre you ride, the GPS who was totally lost,.. When we finally arrived, we had to park our car and walk a lot.... for a few stones. Nothing waw, nothing impressive, haha! It was beautiful view to be honest, but the stones where nothing. So we decided to discover Olmeto, who was litteraly a beautiful view, a church and some cute houses.

It's Saturday, and today, we're leaving our beautiful little camping to go to Rondinara, one of the most beautiful beaches of the Island and near Bonifacio and Porto Vechhio. The first day we just enjoyed the beach. Next day, we discover Porto Vecchio... But I'm gonna leave you know.

Do you like the views? Do you wanna go there ?

Love of Lou!


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