Monday, 30 November 2015

Girl online: Hidden behind a Blog.

Hi guys!

As you may maybe know, I'm a great Youtuber & Vlogger fan.They are great inspiration for my Instagram and also the reason why I'm doing this. I love watching them doing stupid things, talking about life & become bigger one by one. This last one is proved by this blogpost: Zoella wrote a book (and since shortly also a second).

I received the book for my birthday from some friends (I swear, still one of the best present ever) and I reread, reread and reread it again!

The book is talking about a girl, Penny, who's holding a blog to share her most shameful, nicest,etc moments. Nobody knows she is the "GirlOnline". After a big misstep (falling in front of a crowd with her underwear showed), her parents decided to celebrate Christmas in New York. Her mother has to organise a wedding there. Penny met a boy, Noah, with who she's immediatly in love with. She describes the whole love story on her blog. But that love story could be the end of her cover on her blog and the end of her closest, dearest friendship.

In the beginning, I had a little bit hard with reading it, I found it very childish and thought "nah, it's gonna be a typical little girl story" but when I start a book, I Always end it. So did I here, and the last 200 pages where read in just an evening... Once she was in New York, it all began to be exciting and interesting. Penny, the funny one, I think most of the people love her because they can recognise them in her (who didn't do a misstep ever in his life he will never forget?) and that is why I found her the perfect GirlOnline. Noah is the perfect bookboy, the one every girl wants to meet. Romantic, surprising,.. Perfect! And then you have Elliott, the best friend of Penny, my favourite personage. He's the one who helped Penny up, a funny one,.. He gives the story those little "extras" why you love it a little bit more.

Did you read it (Girlonline or GirlOnline On tour) ? What's your opinion of it?

Love of Lou!

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