Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Favourites of August.

Hellooowww Guys!
How are you all?

Well, today I realised it's too long ago that I made a post about the Favourites of the Month. So, I thought it was a good idea to do one because I really like that!
First of all, I'm still loving my pink New Balance! Like I told you, I'm an animator in the vacantions and it's a "job" where you are all the time standing, occupated and you never have really the time to sit down with the childs. So, yes, a pair of comfortable shoes are inevitable. I needed this shoes the whole summer, and they are still looking really good!

After that, I used a lot two eyeshadows: the Catrice Absolute Nude palet and a palet of Terre Indienne. The first one, I already told you about it in a previous post, is really a must have for a natural and summer look. I use it a lot. The second one, I'm more using it to hide my pufiness. I haven't had the time to sleep a lot this holidays, and this eyeshadow hide it perfect!
This is maybe kind of weird, adding this one here, because it isn't really an object, but I'm doing it anyway.

My Thirth favourite is the Café Latté for Senseo. I've learned to drink coffee this vacations, with a lot of milk and sugar of course. And at home, we have a Senseo with a lot of different patches with different tastes. Before this, I always drunk the Cappucino Speculoos but the Café Latté is a little bit creamier and I prefer it that way. It's really something to try!

I haven't already told you about this, but yeah, since shortly I really wanted a handbag but not one like you bought in the "Pimkie" or "H&M" or a shop like that. I wanted one of real leather, from a brand of handbags. So, in July after working a week, I went to a handbag shop, looked to all the solds and liked two handbags one of  Esprit en one of ROCCOBAROCCO. The first one was more like an (nonchalante) handbag and the second a silver classy handbag. I found that the second one was perfectly what I was searching for. So, I bought this lovely silver handbag of ROCCOBAROCCO.
 I love it a lot ! (A picture will come later)

What are your favourites of this month?

Love of Lou!


  1. Die schoenen lijken me zo lekker comfy! :)

  2. Het zijn de zaligste schoenen ever!