Friday, 21 November 2014

The night of the Hunger Games!


Well, it's some days ago that it happened, but I'm still so excited about it... last sunday my dad said to me "Lou, you better have to study all your homework for wednesday, because tuesday, you won't have the time for it." I was like, what ? What's going to happen? "Yeah, you know mom and your sister are going to the night of the hunger games? I've taken a thirth ticket for you."

So yeah, I was sooo excited! I already went to The Twilight night ( the one when the 3th film came out and the one with 4th) and I liked these nights so much.

So immediately after school, I've prepared me and we went searching the other people who went with us and then, we went direction the Kinepolis of Brussels. There, there was like a lot of people at the entrance. You received like a little bracelet (I really find it fancy: it have like flames and it's nice to wear), a poster, a redbull for surviving the night and you're tickets for the three films.

Then, the first film started, who I've already had seen it like 100 times. I still like that film, you can just like watch it thousand and thousand of times and be surprised in the scary moments and think waaw... it is such a beautiful film. After that, we received a little pause and then we begin again with the second one. I had seen this one in two parts so, seeing him in one time is kind of different? I like him, I still like the story but it isn't as good as the firs one.

And then, the third: Mockingjay Part I. Damn, I liked it! I was like, maybe it will e boring because it is just like an introduction of the part II, there's nothing exceptional that will happen then... But, no damn... the story was as beautiful as in the books, the filming was so great, the actors were so good! I love the decors also a lot, they were like better than I imagined they will be. A new personage who I liked a lot is Cressida, played by Nathalie Dormer. She was amazing, cool and her hair is just amazing, with all those tattoos. The personages I still love a lot, are Effie Trinket (under her fakeness, she's a lovely person), Katniss (ofcourse, but I like her here more than in the second film) and Gale Hawthorne (For all those who loved him a lot, he's like much sexier in this film than in all the rest). I was a little bit disappointed that Peeta isn't much coming in the movie, but yeah, next movie more ? And we have ended this night, at 2.30 am wednesday. You can imagine how I was at school the next day?

But I'm still so happy to be at that night!
Q: Did you see the movie? What did you find of it?

Love of Lou!

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