Sunday, 21 December 2014

Preparation Christmas and New Year

Hello everyone!

So, in a few days it is going to be Christmas and we all have to wear fancy clothes, looking perfect and feeling perfect.

And that's why, I'm searching since a while on the internet and other blogs what I can do to feel me more confident and to feel me good in my partyclothes.

8 Tips to preparate it well.

1. Begin your day sportive. Do some push ups, squats, sit ups,... in the morning. You always going to feel you better the rest of the day if you've done some exercises to begin your day. Feeling better during a day makes you more confident.

2. Eat always 3 meals and don't eat between them. It is from those snacks you thickens.

3. Drink a lot of water. Drink some before eating your meal.

4. Try to not eat a lot of sugar, drink a lot of alcohol and coffee and don't smoke. It is really bad for your body.

5. I've read that when you have some puffiness, you have to put your face in a bowl with ice cold water during the time you can do it. Normally, it is going to dissapear but I don't know if it really works, so if you tested it say me the result ? :)

6. If you haven't done some exercises in the morning ( or even if you have), you can always do some excercises for a flat stomach and losing (eventually) love handles. This is a video, I really liked of a Fab Life with some excercises I still do.  
I think they say to do 20x leg extensions (my favourite one), 20x leg twist and 20x bicycle crunches. It is really easy and it's the first time that I see reallyy a difference

 7. Eat fruits and vegetables. Maybe you don't realise it how much difference it is. It makes you feel confident and good in your body. It is the natural feeling-good miracle.

8. Go sleep early and wake up early. It is a good slogan, but damn it is hard... I'm always blogging hours in the evening or just being on the internet and mostly I realise at 1h am that it's already so late... I'm trying it is still not my thing waking up early.

 So, I hope my tips will help you.

Q: What have you done to preparate Christmas?

Love Of Lou!

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