Saturday, 31 January 2015

KIKO Crystal Sheer Lipstick!

Hey everyone!

I'm going to do my first post of 2015! And one of my good intensions for 2015 was making more pictures for my little blog, and for this (and also for my photography) I've bought a new camera of Canon, one on my own, a 550D. I'm so happy about it!

But I don't wanna talk about my camera in this post but about my new lipstick of a brand I really wanted... KIKO. I've heard a lot about this brand, more on blogs of French Bloggers, I admit. And I really liked all their things when I saw them, so when I heard there was one in Euralille, a shopping Center in Lille where I went this wednesday, I was really overexcited.

When I finally came to this shop (yeah, there is like a lot of fancy shops in that Shopping center, if you once have the chance to go there don't hesitate, it is really nice!), I was a little bit disappointed. It is a beautiful shop, it is beautifully decorated with good-matching colours. But it really looks like cheap make-up, without quality, and like everybody will wear it.

After the first disappointing, I went to see what they had in there make-up collection.. but there, I was disappointed again...

I finally found this little one, a lovely lipstick, with a nice soft little colour. The Crystal Sheer Lipstick 419. I've only paid it like €4 (I don't know the exact price, I'm sorry) and I really like it. It  has a blue/purple look, but not really hard, with a little bit glitters.

 I really love the outside of it, first I didn't know how to open it .. but it is so classy!
At the end, it is a lipstick full of quality, and I'm happy to have bought it. It is easy and subtly for in school.

Q: Did you ever buy something of KIKO? What did you think of it?

Hope you enjoyed it !

Love of Lou!

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