Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Sephora Nailpolish!

Hey Everyone!

How are you going ?

I have a total new nailpolish from Sephora, a brand I've never tested before.

In fact, I didn't bought it. When I've bought a little present in the Sephora I realised I hadn't a card member. I received one and they said that the next time that I will buy something there,I'll receive a free nailpolish. So, I went back buying something and choosed a nailpolish...

When I saw this, I was totally in love with it.. I like it because it isn't really a colour, it is green/blue metallic.(It kind of looks like a green-blue galaxy). I find it classy and original without being busy for hours.

It is also a good quality, because, I first wear it without topcoat and it stays on my nails like I had a topcoat on (I forgot totally to do some on, haha!).
I received this one but normally you can have it for the price of €4.95. I think it's a good price for the quality and you have a large collection of colours.
Here, I will end my little blogpost with the announcement that, from now on, every satur-or sunday I'll do a post (I'm trying to do it every saturday), so from now on, take a look each weekend!

Love of Lou!