Wednesday, 21 May 2014

The fault in our stars.

Today I finally finished "The fault in our stars".
I was a little bit scared about how it will end, so I took a very long time to finish it.
It was my first English book I read that wasn't one for school. Normally, I read them in French or in Dutch. But after this, I think I'm never gonna read a book again that is translated.

I like this book a lot. When I asked my mom to buy it for me, it was because I saw it a lot on the internet and friends of me told me it was the best story they have read. So I began, and found it so a typical story in the begin. But I continued, and I wanted that Hazel and Gus were together, that Van Houtem write a new book,... It was so an absorbing story that I just cannot stop reading.
And then, you feel the end was coming. But I didn't wanna that this story will stop, so I just have set the book away from me stop reading during a week of two. And yeah, I saw it lying there, and then I thought "I have to finish it". Honestly I think I have cried :p It was so a sad end but still a beautiful one...
And now, I think too that it was the most beautiful book I ever read.

Have you read "The fault in our stars? What were your emotions?

Love of Lou!

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