Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Favourites of May.


May is end and I wanted to make a post about my favourites of this month, so here it is! 

To begin, this month iI bought a new blush : a pink "Park Avenue" blush.
I'm really satisfied of it because, it's made of three shades of pink, so it gives you the chance to play with the shade of pink you want that day. I use it every day, it's my final touch on my daily make-up.

The second thing I'm really satisfied this month is my "Gliss Kur Hair repair anti-spliss" product. (I told you about it in another post). I only find it in the netherlands, what makes my sad because it's almost finished.

This month I also (finally) finished "The fault in our stars" (Book) of John Green. I do not end it before because I just don't want that it stops.. Now, I finally finished it. I found it a wonderful book and I think I'm going to buy the other books of John Green. (I also told about it in a previous post).

I have it since months but I just wanna to share with you this because I'm still in love with it: it's my hairpin of  "Claire's" . It's the most wonderful thing I ever bought! It's handy, easy to take it with you, and you can make a lot of hairstyles with it.

And finally, I wanted so much a "Hard Rock Café" t-shirt it was on my London-wishlist. My mom found one she had received from someone who was went to New York but was too small for her. So now, I have a fancy Hard rock Café tshirt!

What are your favourites of May?

Love of Lou!

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