Friday, 27 June 2014

Birthday Barbecue!


I'm sorry for not having posted any blog since a few weeks (? I think).
I had a lot work for school, exams coming,... and today I can finally say I'm going to senior year! :D

But before I knew this, I had to wait a week and we've done a lot in that week.
Firstly, we've done a trip to London with the whole family (I'm making a post of it, but it will a little bit time, sorry!).
And secondly, I have organised my birthday barbecue!

It was a long time I have done something for my birthday (5 years), so, I was a little bit stressed.
The day before, my mom and I went to the supermarket to buy ( A LOT) of food.
And then the morning of the D-day, me, my mom and my sister begin to wash the whole house and prepare the food. It was hard, I always thought there was not enough food ( there was like 14 persons coming and I thought they will eat a lot :p). On 2 O' Clock my friends, Phebe and Thomas, came help me continu the preparation and Phebe wanted to do my make-up (With her new Nakep pallet 2).

(The pictures below: I've made some name cards for the glasses; I've made also an original decoration, I hope you like).

The aperitif was chips (salt, paprika, ketchup, ... ) with Sangria (normal or white). Than we continued with the main course, the barbecue, who was in fact without meat (I'm kind of a vegetarian, I eat fish and poultry). The "meat" was fish with lemon and pineapple, scampi's and chicken. There was also couscous, pasta (was very delicous!), salad, cucumber and tomates! And to end, a chocolate pie with a cuberdon ice and marshmallows on the barbecue. It was all delicious (I found, I hope my friends too ) but there was too much of everything!

I also received a lot of nice presents ( even if I said I don't need one ). First I received a lovely Polaroid camera! I do a lot of photography, always with the camera of my mom, so this is my first own camera! :D I'm so proud! Then I received a Chanel nailpolish, red dark, it's faboulous, i'm in love with it... Also a book about eye make-up of "Bobbi Brown'' and a protection for my Polaroid. I have really the best friends in the world! I have never had so lovely presents!

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