Wednesday, 30 July 2014

My little Rainboots.

Helloww guys!

Like you have seen it, I was not posting a lot this last week. I was on holiday, not really holiday, it was the championship of horseriding in France.
And I know it's summer, and you probably think why my post is calling "my Rainboots", but there, we had or too warm weather or rain. So, there was mud everywhere and it was horrible.
That's why I couldn't resist when In saw this litte rainboots in the Tom Joules stand.
I found them for 10 euro, when normally they cost 40 euro. Also, I've been looking for these boots since 2 years, I think, because my mom buy some (with lines print) and I always use them. And this print, was really my favourite one! It's a classy print for boots and pink is still my favourite color.

They're very comfortable and easy to put on your feet. I can not only wear them when I go to my horses but I think, it's possible to wear them everywhere there is mud (wood,..).

So, I hope you like them too and if you go somehere where there's mud, don't hesitate, this are the best shoes to wear there!

What are your rainboots?

Love of Lou!

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