Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Review Catrice Absolute Nude & Eyeliner.

Hellowwww Guys!

I'm sorry of not posting a lot this holidays but my holidays are surcharged (always) and I don't really have found the time to make more posts. I promise, once school recommences , I will make more.

Before I went on holiday, I bought something really nice: my Absolute Nude Palet from Catrice!
I saw also an Eyeliner and I just needed one, so I bought that one too.

I will begin with the Eyeliner, it looks simple: a black penn with the description of it in blue letters.
First, I found the black color wasn't black enough (Before this one, I had one of "Hema" and the color was harder) and that's not easy to set the line around my eye with the little wing at the end. But, once a little bit practiced, the pen made the line perfect and the wings were it also. The less hard color made it also look less vulgar. So, at the end, I'm in love with it!

Secondly, I will describe the Absolute Nude Palet.
I wanted that palet badly, like you saw it in a previous post, and was really excited when I bought it.
On the back side, you have a description how to make a perfect nude eyeshadow, who is really handy.
But I'm kind of little ( a mini little) bit disappointed about it. The colors are really beautiful, but not intense enough. Once you found the best match for your eyes, it looks natural but classy.

So, I'm satisfied but not more, Ithought it will be fancier than that.

What did you thought about Catrice Make-up?

Love of Lou!

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