Sunday, 17 August 2014

Gliss Kurr : Asian straight shampoo

Helloww guys!
A while ago, I found in a cheap shop "Action" a shampoo of the Gliss Kurr Collection (Like you've probably have seen it before, I'm a great fan of Gliss Kurr), the Asian Straight Shampoo. It costs only 1.82 do, it was the moment to try!

First of all, it looks so fancy but weird for a shampoo. It's a purple translucent shampoo. And it smells soooo good! I'm in love with the smell.

After the first shower with it, I found my hair heavier than normal, maybe because there's written "for rebellious, frizzy hair".

After a week, I didn't found my hair really have changed, it's still a little bit frizzy. So, it's a good-smelling shampoo but nothing more.
Which is your favourite product of Gliss Kurr?

Love of Lou!

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