Saturday, 5 September 2015

Read it: A Work In Progress - Connor Franta

Hey you!

This holidays, when I was in Danmark, I took this beautiful book with me : A Work in Progress of Connor Franta. I bought it before my final exams began but knowing myself and knowing how much I will love it, I put it immediately in my suitcases. I was really excited to read it that I already began in our way to Danmark.

A Work in Progress is an intimate memoir of Connor's life where he shares his life lessons on his journey from a small-town boy to an Internet sensation. He shares his struggles during his life
with identity, body image, and sexuality in his teen years in a family with four children. He also explains how he decided to pursue his artistic life in his twenties.

In the beginning, it was not really like I expected. I didn't found it especially funny, I didn't see the purpose of it. But then, I watched a video of Connor and thought that it would be nicer to read it imagining Connor was reading it. And from then on, I devoured that book in one time. It was amazing, I loved every page of it. It where sometimes hard themes, about sexuality, being an adolescent, and all those harder things. But there was always a joke hidden, a little bit of humor somewhere and that mades it easier to read and easier to think about it. On some themes, this book helped me to make it more clear for me, on other themes, I was suddenly lost (For example: after reading this book I asked myself if it was really a good idea to chose for physiotherapy and if I had not better choosen photography instead of it.) On most of themes, it mostly more clear than not clear, but I think that depends on the person himself.
(picture I took while reading it in Danmark)

Did you read it or do you want to read it ? What do you think of it ?

Love of Lou!

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