Wednesday, 2 September 2015

A Little Frustration.

Hey you there! How are you?

So today I'm going to post something about a little frustration I have since shortly, the reason why I prefer to pay with a bankcard and maybe even why I never have cash on me. When you pay with cash, you Always Always have to check your money before leaving the shop because the marchant never gives you the money he has to give you...

This little frustration came up some days, last day of work I had to go with the bus, and saw a little supermarket and thought "Damn, still not eaten anything, I'm going to buy a croissant and a bottle of water". Of course, you have to pay like €2 for that but the only money you have in your wallet is a bill of €20. You pay and with your head still not awake, you don't count the money and what did I realised when I arrived at my work? He paid me €5 too little... Hatefully! In first time, it isn't a lot of money, but it's the principle. It is not because it's 7 in the morning, that I stil didn't drunk a coffee and really want him to hurry up that he had to let me pay extra for that stupid croissant and water.

Am I the only one with this frustration? Did it happen to you too?

Love of Lou!

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