Monday, 24 August 2015

Movie Time: The Age of Adaline

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Okay, now back to the subject: not so long time ago I saw there was a new movie coming out: The Age of Adaline with Blake Lively. First, just looking at the pictures I thought it was going to be an extraordinary movie but reading the resume of it, I found it totaly weird. (But my sister came saying it was so beautiful and that I had to see it. I am grateful to her that she kind of obliged me, otherwise I would have missed that little pearl!)

Adaline, is a a young woman born at the turn of the 20th century, is made ageless after an accident in a night. After a long time of solidarity, she finally met someone who is worth to give up her eternal life.

In the beginning, it tooks a certain time before the story really began but from the begin I was totaly fan of Adaline aka Blake. She is dressed classy all the time, vintage but fashionable. Beside she's dressed very well, she Always does her hair perfectly! Here there are some of her hairstyles. When she first met Ellis, she seemed to be really sure of herself and playing a hard-to-get, but you realise that she's just protecting him (and herself). She's a character everybody would like because of her tenderness and quietness.

Ellis, the man who felt in love with Adaline, is a real gentleman like every woman wants to meet one day. I have to admit, I also found him charming and lovely. He's probable not the most beautiful man but he's surely an example for men nowadays.
In the end, I found it a touching movie, with a moving story of two loving persons. I loved it!
Have you seen the movie ? Did you like it?
Love of Lou!

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