Friday, 28 August 2015

Lou and the Chocolate Factory.

Hello you there!

Today has been kind of weird day, like a day they called "where you turn a page, begin a new chapter, etc". It was my last day of work of this summer in a chocolate factory. You may find this weird that I find this so important, but it was my first month of real work (not like being an animator) that I do during the summer. I've done some days there too before, like with Christmas or Valentine but it was never a long time.

The first day, I will Always remember, it was a loooong day ( I thought it was endless, I didn't imagine how I could survive there a month). We had filled boxes with chocolate, they learned me how to pack good,etc. But in the afternoon, I received a big box with bags and a roll of stickers. I had to stick 800 stickers on the bottom of the bags... I thought they were just kidding, giving me the shitty work because I was just a student. When I went proudly to the one who gave me the bags and said I finished them all, she said "Now you have to put the cardboards in all the bags". In the evening, after work, I was thinking this would be one hell if it was like this the whole month.

And yes, it was still boring work every day: filling boxes with (sometimes the same) chocolates, weighing them, put a catalog with the different chocolates in it, pack them in a gift package, close them with a knot or bow. But, there was Always something different, another praline, another gift package,...

So, every day I've learned how the working life was but also that you had to enjoy the little differnces, appreciate your colleagues and make the best of every moment. Otherwise, a day can be very long. (One day, we were all so tired of putting the same praline in the same box, that we were like singing with the radio, making stupid jokes and things like that. It's weird if you know that my colleagues had children a little bit younger or mostly older than me. But I liked it!)

And did you do some work this holidays? How was your experience?

Love of Lou!

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